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Applying for an IT Recruitment Specialist Role and Admission at Sampoorna Login


This article provides comprehensive information on applying for an IT recruitment specialist position at Sampoorna login Consultants as well as the admission process at Sampoorna Group of Institutions. We will cover the requirements, application process, and potential interview rounds for the IT recruitment role. Additionally, we outline the step-by-step process for admission at Sampoorna Login educational institutions. Whether you are looking to advance your career in IT recruitment or pursue higher education, this guide offers key insights.

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Overview of Sampoorna Consultants and Sampoorna Group of Institutions

While Sampoorna Consultants and Sampoorna Group of Institutions share the same name, they are distinct entities serving different functions. It is important to understand the difference when applying for openings.

Sampoorna Consultants

Sampoorna Login Consultants, headquartered in Mumbai, is an IT and telecom recruitment consultancy catering to firms ranging from startups to large IT services companies and MNCs. With offices across major Indian cities, they leverage their vast database of IT talent to fill challenging niche roles.

Sampoorna Group of Institutions

Sampoorna Group of Institutions is an educational organization offering various courses and programs across multiple campuses. They are unrelated to Sampoorna Consultants.

Applying for IT Recruitment Specialist at Sampoorna Consultants

Use these steps when applying for IT recruitment specialist openings at Sampoorna Login Consultants.


While exact prerequisites are unspecified, typical requirements include:

  • Bachelor’s degree in HR/business/related field
  • Experience in IT recruitment
  • Understanding of IT skills and technologies
  • Sourcing and screening capabilities
  • Interpersonal and communication abilities
  • Business/IT requirement analysis skills

Application Process

Follow this process to apply for jobs at Sampoorna Consultants:

  1. Visit Sampoorna Consultants website
  2. Create an account
  3. Search current openings
  4. Select desired IT recruitment specialist position
  5. Submit required application materials

Interview Rounds

While details of the interview process are unavailable, it likely involves multiple intensive rounds assessing recruitment expertise. Glassdoor reviews indicate positive experiences and moderately difficult interview rounds.

Seeking Admission to Sampoorna Group of Institutions

Use this step-by-step guide when applying for admission to Sampoorna Group of Institutions:

Choosing a Program

First choose from the range of courses and programs offered across Sampoorna’s various campuses. Ensure your qualifications and interests align.

Application Process

Follow these steps when applying for admission:

  1. Visit Sampoorna Group of Institutions website
  2. Check program eligibility criteria
  3. Begin registration with personal details
  4. Complete detailed application form
  5. Pay non-refundable $100 application fee
  6. Submit application and await decision


Submit applications well in advance of the admission intake deadline to allow sufficient processing time. Early application strengthens prospects.

Table 1: Key Differences Between Sampoorna Consultants and Sampoorna Group of Institutions

ParameterSampoorna ConsultantsSampoorna Group of Institutions
Type of OrganizationIT/Telecom recruitment consultancyEducational institution
OfferingsIT recruitment servicesUndergraduate and postgraduate programs
HeadquartersMumbaiMultiple campuses across India
Application ProcedureSearch/apply for recruitment specialist positionsSubmit admission application and fee
RelevanceIT recruitment careersPursuing higher education


Whether seeking an IT recruitment role at Sampoorna Login Consultants or admission to Sampoorna Group of Institutions, this guide covers the key steps in the application process. Understand the differences between these two Sampoorna entities to avoid confusion. For any additional information, consult their respective websites or contact offices. With meticulous planning and preparation, prospective applicants can progress smoothly through the process.

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