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Apply For MyUTK Admission to the University of Tennessee, Knoxville For a New Semester


The University of Tennessee, Knoxville (UTK) is one of the top public universities in the country, offering access to cutting-edge research facilities, Oak Ridge National Laboratories, and world-class faculty. As interest in the school continues to grow each year, the myutk admission process becomes more and more competitive. If you’re considering applying to UTK for a new semester, this comprehensive guide will walk you through everything you need to know, from application options and requirements to important deadlines and next steps for admitted students.

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Overview of Application Process For myutk admission

There are two ways to apply for undergraduate admission to UTK:

Common Application

The common application is accepted by over 900 colleges and universities. To apply to UTK, simply visit, create an account, and select University of Tennessee, Knoxville as one of your school choices.

Go Vols Application

You can also apply by creating an account on UTK’s Go Vols applicant portal myutk admission at and completing the Go Vols application.

If you require an application fee waiver, complete and submit the fee waiver form which can be found on UTK’s admissions website.

myutk admission Requirements

As a top tier public university, UTK has rigorous standards for admission. When reviewing applications, the Office of Undergraduate myutk admission considers factors like:

  • High school GPA – Competitive applicants typically have a 3.6 GPA or higher in high school academic courses
  • Standardized test scores – SAT or ACT scores in the top 25th percentile help applications stand out
  • Coursework – Taking advanced high school classes and earning solid grades shows you can handle college-level academics
  • Extracurricular activities – Being involved outside the classroom demonstrates interests and leadership
  • Essays – Well-written essays help the admissions committee understand you as an individual

Meeting the above criteria makes you eligible for admission but does not guarantee you will get in. UTK receives over 15,000 applications each year for a first-year class of around 4,500 students.

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Table 1: Class Profile of Recently Admitted First-Year Students
| ----------------------------- | ------------------ |
| Metric                        | Average / Middle 50% |  
| ----------------------------- | ------------------ |
| High School GPA               | 3.9                |
| ACT Composite Score           | 28-32              |
| SAT Total Score               | 1280-1420          |   

| High School Class Rank       | Top 10%            |

As shown in Table 1 above, recently admitted freshmen had stellar academic credentials, demonstrating the selectivity of the UTK admissions process.

Checking Application Status For myutk admission

After submitting your application, you can check the status by logging into the Go Vols portal. Here you will find a checklist outlining all required application materials. Be sure to submit any missing documents, like transcripts or test scores, as soon as possible to avoid processing delays.

The Go Vols portal is where you will receive your admission decision later in the application cycle. Be sure to check it regularly for status updates.

Important Dates and Deadlines

When applying for undergraduate admission, it’s essential to be aware of UTK’s important dates and deadlines:

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Table 2: Key Application Dates and Deadlines
| ------------------------------------ | ------------------------- |
| Date                                 | Details                   |
| ------------------------------------ | ------------------------- |  
| October 1                            | Application Opens         |
| February 1                           | Freshman Application Deadline |
| February 15                          | FAFSA Priority Deadline        |
| Late February                        | Regular Admission Decisions*  |

| May 1                                | Enrollment Confirmation Deadline |

*Rolling admission decisions release between January and late April.

As shown in Table 2, the FAFSA priority deadline is February 15. Submitting the FAFSA by this date maximizes your eligibility for the most attractive financial aid packages.

The regular myutk admission decision release happens in late February, after which rolling decisions continue releasing over the next couple months.

Next Steps If Admitted

Congratulations, you’ve been admitted to the University of Tennessee, Knoxville! Now it’s time to officially join the Volunteer family by accepting your offer of admission.

Here’s what to do next if admitted:

1. Pay Enrollment Deposit

Log back into your Go Vols portal and submit the $250 enrollment deposit. This deposit stores your place in the first-year class and is later credited toward your first semester tuition and fees. Please note this payment is nonrefundable if you decide not to enroll at UTK.

2. Apply for Housing

UTK has a first-year live-on requirement so all freshmen must live on campus their first year. Be sure to complete the housing application via your Go Vols portal to secure your residential assignment.

3. Submit Final Transcript

Have your high school counselor send your final official transcript to the UTK Office of Undergraduate Admissions after graduation. All offers of admission are contingent on successful completion of high school requirements.

And that’s it! After completing these steps, get ready to start your exciting college journey on Rocky Top. Feel free to reach out to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions with any other questions about the transition to campus.

Go Vols!


Applying to a top public university like the University of Tennessee, Knoxville takes advanced planning and attention to detail. By meeting all requirements and deadlines – submitting a standout application, following up on status updates, paying deposits on time if admitted myutk admission- you’ll be on the path to begin at one of the country’s premier institutions.

UTK offers an incredibly enriching undergraduate experience, both inside and outside the classroom. Join the Volunteer family and tap into boundless research capabilities, top-notch faculty mentors, an energetic campus culture, and the thriving downtown area of Knoxville.

Follow this comprehensive guide to seamlessly navigate the UTK application process from start to finish – and get ready for the ride of a lifetime on Rocky Top!

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