Are you dreaming of joining the prestigious Bethel University and embarking on an exciting academic journey? Well, get ready to bring your A-game because we’re about to unveil everything you need to know about the admission requirements!

Whether you’re a high school senior or a transfer student, this blog post is here to guide you through the ins and outs of what it takes to become a proud member of the Bethel family. So buckle up, stay tuned, and let’s set off on this thrilling adventure together!

Overview of Bethel University

Bethel University is one of the most popular private universities in Tennessee. Each year, over 30,000 students apply to the school and only about 3,500 are accepted. The admissions process is highly competitive, so it’s important to know what you need to do to prepare.

To be eligible for admission to Bethel University, you must have a high school diploma or equivalent. You’ll also need to submit your transcripts, SAT or ACT scores, and an essay. The admissions committee will also consider your letters of recommendation and extracurricular activities when making their decision.

The best way to prepare for the admissions process is to get good grades in high school and score well on your standardized tests. However, Bethel University also looks at the whole person when making admissions decisions. So, don’t forget to focus on your personal development as well. Get involved in extracurricular activities, volunteer in your community, and take leadership roles whenever possible. These experiences will make you a more well-rounded applicant and give you a better chance of getting into Bethel University.

Overview of Admissions

The first step in the admissions process is to submit an application. Applications can be obtained from the Bethel University website or through the Common Application. Once your application has been received, the Admissions Committee will begin the review process.

In order to be considered for admission, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  1. A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale
  2. A minimum score of 18 on the ACT or 860 on the SAT
  3. Completion of high school English and math courses with a “C” or better grade
  4. Submission of an official high school transcript and standardized test scores

Once your application has been reviewed, you will be notified of your admissions decision. If you are admitted to Bethel University, you will need to submit a non-refundable deposit to secure your spot in the incoming class.

Application Requirements

In order to be considered for admission to Bethel University, applicants must submit the following:

  1. A completed online application for admission including an essay
  2. Official high school transcripts or GED scores
  3. Official college transcripts (if applicable)
  4. SAT or ACT scores (if applicable)
  5. Letters of recommendation (optional)
  6. An application fee of $35 ($50 for international students)

Preparing for the Admissions Process

Before beginning the admissions process at Bethel University, it is important to take some time to understand what is required and what you need to do to prepare. Below is a list of requirements and suggestions for how to best prepare for the admissions process at Bethel University.

  1. Review the Admissions Requirements: The first step is to review the admissions requirements on the Bethel University website. This will give you an idea of what is needed in order to be eligible for admission into the university.
  2. Take a Campus Tour: A great way to get a feel for the campus and see if Bethel University is a good fit for you is to take a campus tour. Tours are offered Monday-Friday and can be scheduled online or by calling the Admissions Office.
  3. Attend an Open House: Open houses are held throughout the year and provide prospective students with an opportunity to learn more about Bethel University, meet with faculty and staff, and explore campus.
  4. Schedule an Interview: Once you have reviewed the admissions requirements and taken a campus tour, it is time to schedule an interview with an Admissions Counselor. This is your chance to ask questions, get more information about Bethel University, and share your story with us.
  5. Submit Your Application: The final step in the process is submitting your application for admission along with all required supporting materials such as transcripts, test scores, and essays.

Academic Requirements

To be eligible for admission to Bethel University, applicants must have earned a high school diploma or GED. They must also submit official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended. They must take and pass the university’s admissions test.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Bethel University offers a variety of scholarships and financial aid opportunities to help make your college education more affordable.

To be considered for Bethel University scholarships, you must first complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA is used to determine your eligibility for federal and state financial aid, including grants, loans, and work-study programs. You can complete the FAFSA online at

Bethel University also offers a number of institutional scholarships. These scholarships are awarded based on a variety of factors, including academic merit, financial need, and involvement in extracurricular activities. To be considered for institutional scholarships, you must complete the Bethel University Scholarship Application, which is available online at

If you have any questions about Bethel University’s admission requirements or scholarship opportunities, please contact the Office of Admissions at 866-223-8379 or

Additional Tips for Applying to Bethel University

There are a few additional things to keep in mind when applying to Bethel University. First, be sure to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This is required for all students seeking financial aid, and it must be submitted by the priority deadline of February 15.

Next, keep in mind that Bethel does not accept applications for the spring semester. The only exception is for nursing programs, which have a separate application process with different deadlines.

Although optional, Bethel highly recommends that all applicants submit an essay or personal statement as part of their application. This is your opportunity to show the admissions committee who you are and what you’re passionate about outside of your academic achievements.

For more tips and advice on applying to Bethel University, be sure to check out the Admissions section of our website.


Bethel University is a great school that offers a wide range of academic opportunities for students. In order to be admitted, you must meet all of the requirements set out by the university. Preparing adequately for your application is key in ensuring that you are accepted into this prestigious institution and can begin taking classes as soon as possible. We hope that this article has provided useful information on what you need to prepare for admission to Bethel University so that you can achieve your goals!

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