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Taking exams on a smart device using the Bluebook exams app offers many advantages for students today. With the power of technology in the palm of your hand, you can conveniently access test prep resources, practice exams, and exam day tools to help you succeed on test day. This guide will walk you through getting started with Bluebook on your tablet, phone, or computer so you can make the most of its features for your upcoming exam.

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The bluebook exams app created by College Board is the official app for taking the SAT, PSAT/NMSQT, PSAT 10, and AP Exams digitally. It allows you to prepare for the exams, complete practice tests, and take the actual test using just your smart device. The app offers a seamless testing experience and provides tools to help you perform your best.

Here are some key benefits of using Bluebook:

  • Convenient access to official practice tests to help you prepare from anywhere
  • Ability to highlight, take notes, and review past answers
  • Calculator, periodic table, equations, and formulas available at your fingertips
  • Familiar experience using your own device
  • Environmentally friendly with no wasted paper

To take full advantage of what Bluebook offers, you’ll need to set up your app, learn the interface, practice on sample tests, and ensure your device meets the requirements to run smoothly on test day. Follow the steps in this guide to get ready for success!

Setting Up Your Bluebook App

The first step is to download and install the Bluebook exams app on your compatible smart device. Here is how to get started:

Download the App

Go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store on your phone or tablet. Search for “Bluebook” and look for the app published by College Board. Download and install the free app.

If you plan to use Bluebook on a computer, go to and find the link to download the desktop version. Install the app on your Windows or Mac computer.

Create an Account

Open the bluebook exams app and tap “Sign Up.” You will need to provide your basic information and create a password.

Make sure you use the same College Board account as your exam registration. This links your app access to your upcoming test date.

Explore the Interface

Poke around in the app to see key features. You’ll find exam details, practice tests, reminders, your SAT study plan if you have an account, and more.

Getting comfortable in the app now will make exam day go smoother. Be sure to check device requirements too.

Download Practice Tests

In the app, you can access official practice bluebook exams app to take on your device. Download a test to experience the digital interface firsthand.

Mimicking test conditions during practice helps you prepare. Take practice tests in one sitting without stopping the clock.

Preparing for Test Day

Gearing up for the big day takes more than just downloading the app. Here are some tips to make sure you are ready to excel on exam day:

Take Diagnostic Tests

Figure out your strengths and weaknesses by taking a full-length diagnostic test in the Bluebook app. Evaluate your scores to see which content areas you need to focus on.

Create a Study Plan

Using your diagnostic results, make a customized study plan. Prioritize areas for improvement and allot time to sharpen your skills in those domains.

Practice Frequently

The more you practice on real exam questions in the Bluebook interface, the more comfortable you’ll feel on test day. Aim to take at least 3 practice tests before your exam.

Set Reminders

Use Bluebook’s reminders to schedule study sessions and practice tests leading up to exam day. Reminders can help you stick to your study plan.

Review Results

After practicing, be sure to review your answers and read the explanations. Understanding why you got questions wrong is key to improving.

Charge Devices

In the final week, repeatedly charge the device you will use on test day. You don’t want to start the exam with low battery!

What You Need on Exam Day

You’ve prepped with Bluebook, but are you ready for exam day? Confirm you have everything you’ll need to successfully use the app to take your test:

A compatible, fully charged device

  • School or government issued photo ID
  • Approved calculator (if your exam allows it)
  • Backup pens/pencils and paper (just in case)
  • WiFi connection to download your test
  • A quiet space to take your exam
  • Glasses, earplugs, medication or medical devices you require

Before exam day, consult the list of approved devices and identification requirements so you are prepared. Having the proper equipment avoids issues on test day.

Some key rules: Silence devices, place them flat on the desk, and keep them plugged in during testing. No dual monitors or projecting your screen. Use a plain background if taking the test at home. Follow all instructions from proctors in the app.

Taking the Exam on Test Day

When test day arrives, you’ll open the Bluebook app and get started.

Here’s an overview of the process:

  • Arrive early and sign in to the app with your College Board account
  • Agree to the SAT digital test security and test regulations
  • Confirm your identity by showing photo ID
  • Wait for approval from your proctor in the Bluebook app
  • Download your customized digital test
  • Begin the timed sections and answer questions
  • Review your answers and submit when time expires
  • Sign out of Bluebook when your exam is complete

During the bluebook exams app, focus on answering every question to the best of your ability. Let Bluebook handle the test-taking logistics so you can concentrate. If any technical issues occur, alert the proctor immediately. Do not exit or refresh the app, as you could lose your work.

After completing the test, you’ve successfully used Bluebook for exam day! Reward yourself for all your preparation. Your scores will be available in your College Board account in a few weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bluebook

Before you take your high-stakes exam in the Bluebook app, review these common questions about the digital testing experience:

What devices are compatible with Bluebook?

Bluebook is supported on iPad, Chromebook, Mac, and Windows. Your device must meet minimum requirements like operating system, battery life, camera, and screen size. Check the College Board site for specifics.

Can I use my device’s built-in calculator and internet during a test?

No. To maintain fair testing, you may only use the standard calculator in Bluebook during allowed sections. No internet access or other app switching is permitted during the exam.

What if my device runs out of charge during the test?

Make sure your device is plugged into a charger and fully charged before starting. Alert a proctor immediately if your battery runs low, to determine next steps without losing your work.

Can I use multiple monitors when testing on a computer?

No, only one monitor is permitted. The Bluebook environment must be projected as the full screen, without other windows or apps visible.

What if I have technical issues with Bluebook on test day?

Notify your proctor if you experience any issues like lost connection or device malfunctions. Do not close the app or restart your device. The proctor can provide guidance and submit a report on your behalf if needed.

When do I get my test scores?

Digital test takers receive scores at the same time as paper testers. Scores are available in your online College Board account approximately 2-8 weeks after the exam window closes.


With the Bluebook app exam, you can practice for exams, access test day tools, and experience a seamless testing process using just your own smart device. By downloading the app early, personalizing your study plan, and practicing in the interface, you can feel confident and prepared when exam day arrives. Stay focused, follow instructions, and let Bluebook handle the technology so you can concentrate on performing your best. With the convenience of the app at your fingertips, you can approach test day with less stress and excel.

Table summarizing key tips for using Bluebook

Download earlyGet the app weeks before your test date to practice.
Link accountsSign up with your College Board login for access.
Take diagnosticFigure out your strengths/weaknesses.
Make a study planPrep smarter by focusing on areas to improve.
Practice testsTake at least 3-4 practice tests before test day.
Review resultsRead explanations to learn from mistakes.
Set remindersUse Bluebook tools to remember to study.
Confirm devicesCheck for app compatibility before test day.
Charge deviceAvoid battery issues by powering up fully.
Bring IDHave school or government photo ID on hand.
Follow rulesNo other apps, monitors, or distractions permitted.
Report issuesAlert proctor immediately if technical problems occur.

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