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Canyons Skyward is a comprehensive student information system used by the Canyons School District in Utah to manage student data and school operations. The system allows parents, students, teachers and administrators to access important information like grades, assignments, attendance records, health records, and more.

Skyward provides a centralized platform to streamline school administration processes and facilitate communication between students, parents, teachers and school staff. This article will provide an overview of Canyons Skyward, its key features and how parents and students can use it to stay updated on academic progress.

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What is Canyons Skyward?

Canyons Skyward is a web-based student information system implemented by the Canyons School District in 2009. It was designed and developed by Skyward, an education technology company founded in 1980. The system replaces the old pinwheel software that was previously used by the district.

Some of the key capabilities and modules in Canyons Skyward include:

  • Student Information System (SIS) – Stores and manages student demographic data, schedules, grades, attendance, health information, etc.
  • Gradebook – Allows teachers to record grades and generate progress reports.
  • Attendance – Tracks daily student attendance.
  • Discipline – Records student conduct incidents and disciplinary actions.
  • Assessments – Administration of student assessments and test scores.
  • Special Programs – Manage special education, ELL, gifted and other special programs.
  • Family Access Portal – Online portal for parents to access student information.
  • Employee Information – Maintains staff records and other HR data.
  • Business Services – Financial management tools.

By centralizing all student and school data into a single system, Canyons Skyward improves accessibility to information and streamlines school administration processes. The integrated platform also enhances data accuracy and provides analytics for data-driven decision making.

Key Features and Tools

Canyons Skyward comprises various tools and capabilities to facilitate student learning and school administration:

Family Access Portal

The Family Access portal allows parents to log in and view their child’s grades, attendance records, assignments, school calendar and other information. Parents can use the portal to monitor student progress and communicate with teachers.

Some of the key features include:

  • Gradebook access to view grades for tests, homework, quizzes, etc.
  • Attendance records showing absences, tardies and attendance notes.
  • Email teachers directly from the portal.
  • Pay school fees and fines online.
  • Update family and student demographic details.
  • Sign up for email/text alerts and notifications.
  • View school announcements and calendar events.
  • Access student health information.
  • Review student conduct records.


Teachers use the Canyons Skyward gradebook module to record grades, create assignments, calculate term grades, and generate progress reports.

Key gradebook features include:

  • Input grades for assignments, tests, quizzes, homework, etc.
  • Create categories and weighting schemes.
  • Automated grade calculations.
  • Track student performance trends over time.
  • Generate seating charts.
  • Share lesson plans.
  • Create assignments and link standards.
  • Upload handouts and learning resources.


The attendance tracker allows schools to take student attendance and maintain accurate records. Administrators and teachers can:

  • Record daily attendance for classes.
  • Mark late arrivals and early dismissals.
  • Add attendance notes and comments.
  • Run attendance reports.
  • Set up automatic notifications for excessive absences.


Canyons Skyward provides tools for managing student assessments including:

  • Input scores from standardized tests.
  • Generate assessment reports.
  • Analyze trends and compare cohorts.
  • Associate standards and learning objectives.


School administrators can use Skyward to record and track student conduct incidents and disciplinary actions taken. Details like infraction type, date, actions and notes can be recorded for documentation.

Special Programs

The special programs tools in Skyward help manage programs like special education, English language learners (ELL), gifted programs, and more. Student needs, services, learning plans and progress can be documented.


Administrators can generate Skyward reports to uncover trends and insights from student, staff and school data. This helps administrators make more informed decisions about school programs, curriculum, testing, staffing, budgets and more.

How Parents Can Use Skyward

Parents play a critical role in education and Canyons Skyward provides the tools to help parents stay engaged. Here are some of the key ways parents can use Skyward:

Monitor Grades and Attendance

Using the Family Access portal, parents can log in anytime to check grades, missing assignments, attendance records, and discipline issues. This enables parents to keep tabs on their child’s academic performance.

Email Teachers

The Family Access portal makes it easy for parents to initiate email conversations with teachers about grades, assignments, absences, discipline problems or any other concerns.

View Announcements

Important school announcements and calendar events can be viewed directly in the Skyward portal. This ensures parents have up-to-date information on school activities, programs, policy changes and events.

Update Information

Parents can use Family Access to update their contact information, family details, emergency contacts, and other student data. Keeping this information current helps schools communicate effectively with parents.

Sign up for Notifications

Parents can configure their Skyward account settings to receive email or text alerts for new grades, attendance changes, assignment scores, school announcements, etc. Custom notifications keep parents in the loop.

Access Student Resources

Relevant learning resources like syllabi, course handouts, study guides, and homework can be downloaded directly from Skyward. This provides learning continuity from school to home.

Pay Fees & Fines

Outstanding student fees, library fines, lunch balances, and other payments can be paid right in Skyward. Online payments are fast and convenient for families.

Submit Forms

Required school enrollment documentation and forms can be completed and submitted electronically using Skyward. Parents can also digitally sign and upload any school forms.

How Students Can Use Skyward

Students can leverage Skyward tools and features to take ownership of their learning. Here are some key ways students use Skyward:

View Grades

Using their Skyward logins, students can frequently check grades to stay on top of their performance in each class. This fosters accountability and helps students set learning goals.

Track Assignments

Upcoming assignments, due dates and scores are visible in Skyward once teachers post them. Students can use this to organize their workflow and make sure they complete work on time.

Email Teachers

If students have questions about class content, assignments, projects or assessments, they can easily email teachers through Skyward. Direct communication promotes clarity.

Access Learning Resources

Class handouts, text books, content slides, study guides and other learning material posted by teachers can be accessed via Skyward. This allows students to review classwork and prepare for assessments.

Update Information

Students can take responsibility for updating their contact details, address, course requests and other information using self-service tools in Skyward.

Review Announcements

Checking Skyward frequently allows students to stay updated on school events, activities, schedule changes and other announcements that impact them.

Complete Online Registration

Students can register for classes online using Skyward. Course requests can be submitted digitally for the next semester or school year.


In summary, Canyons Skyward is a powerful student information system that underpins education delivery and enables stakeholders – students, parents, teachers and administrators – to have appropriate access to data. Robust tools facilitate learning, parent engagement, school administration and data-driven decision making. By leveraging Skyward’s capabilities, students, parents and educators can work collectively towards student success.

Frequently Asked Questions

What information can parents access in Skyward?

Parents can access their child’s grades, attendance, schedule, homework assignments, discipline records, health information, school calendar, announcements and more through the Family Access portal.

How do I set up Skyward as a parent?

Parents need to receive their unique Skyward login credentials from their child’s school. The school will provide a username and password that can be used to access the Family Access portal online or via the Skyward app.

Can parents communicate with teachers through Skyward?

Yes, parents can directly email teachers from within the Family Access portal by clicking on the teacher’s name. Two-way messages facilitate parent-teacher communication.

How often is information updated in Skyward?

Student information like grades, attendance and discipline records are updated in real-time. Teachers are expected to update grades weekly at a minimum.

Is the Skyward mobile app free?

Yes, the Skyward mobile app can be downloaded for free on iOS and Android devices. Parents and students can access the same information on-the-go using the app.

Are student passwords secure?

Yes, Skyward uses encryption and other security controls to keep student data secure. Students should not share their logins. Unique passwords are generated for each student annually.

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