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Cornell University, located in Ithaca, New York, is one of the most prestigious universities in the United States. With an acceptance rate of just 10.85% for the class of 2025, Cornell has an extremely selective and competitive admissions process. This article will provide an overview of Cornell acceptance rate, average test scores, and graduation rates to provide insights into what it takes to be admitted to and graduate from this Ivy League institution.

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Cornell’s Highly Selective Admissions

With an acceptance rate of 10.85%, Cornell admits just over 1 in 10 applicants. This makes gaining admission into Cornell a major accomplishment and speaks to the academic excellence of those accepted. Cornell’s incoming freshmen have average SAT scores between 1450-1560 or average ACT scores between 33-35. This indicates that exceptional academic performance in high school is a key factor in the admissions decision. Gaining admission to Cornell is no easy feat!

How Cornell’s Acceptance Rate Compares

Cornell’s 10.85% acceptance rate is on the lower end, even among top-tier universities. For comparison, the average Ivy League acceptance rate is around 11%. So while Cornell has the highest Ivy League acceptance rate, it is still extremely selective. Cornell’s acceptance rate has also been decreasing over the past few years, which follows trends seen across many elite universities. The increasing competitiveness for fewer and fewer seats speaks to the demand for a Cornell education.

High Graduation Rates at Cornell

Not only does Cornell have a low acceptance rate, but it also has impressive graduation rates. Cornell’s overall six-year graduation rate is 94%. This means that the vast majority of students who gain admission to this prestigious university complete their degree.

Specifically within Cornell’s College of Engineering, the six-year graduation rate is an equally high 94%. For students passionate about STEM fields, this is an encouraging statistic about their chances of graduating on time with an engineering degree from Cornell.

College/School6-Year Graduation Rate
Cornell Overall94%
College of Engineering94%
College of Arts & Sciences93%
SC Johnson College of BusinessN/A

Table 1. Six-Year Graduation Rates for Select Cornell Colleges (Fall 2001 Cohort)

These high graduation rates across Cornell’s colleges demonstrate that not only are admitted students academically gifted, but Cornell also provides the resources and support for them to successfully complete their degrees.


Gaining admission to Cornell University is no easy feat, with an acceptance rate of just 10.85% for the class of 2025. However, those who are admitted can feel confident that their peers are equally accomplished academically. With incoming students scoring between 1450-1560 on the SAT, Cornell holds its students to very high academic standards. Moreover, Cornell ensures those students are supported, with impressive six-year graduation rates around 94% across colleges. For the few who can gain entry into this Ivy League institution each year, Cornell offers a challenging yet rewarding educational experience.


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