dundee crown high school scholarshipdundee crown high school scholarship

Applying for scholarships can help students fund their education and ease the financial burden of college. Dundee Crown High School Scholarship (DCHS) offers various scholarship opportunities to eligible students through its robust scholarship program. This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to apply for scholarships at DCHS along with insights into eligibility criteria, deadlines, types of scholarships available and more.

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DCHS aims to make quality education accessible to motivated students through a range of merit-based and need-based scholarships. While some DCHS scholarships require a separate application, most scholarships can be applied for through a single common application available on the school website.

The key advantages of DCHS scholarships include:

  • Over $2 million awarded in scholarships annually
  • Variety of scholarships – merit, subject-specific, memorials, donations
  • Micro-scholarship program allowing students to earn money for college starting Grade 9
  • Easy online application process for most scholarships

Understanding the application process, eligibility criteria and deadlines is important for students seeking DCHS scholarships. This article covers all the required details.

Eligibility Criteria for DCHS Scholarships

While specific eligibility conditions may vary across different DCHS scholarships, some general requirements apply:

  • The applicant must be a high school senior graduating from DCHS
  • For need-based financial assistance scholarships, the student must demonstrate financial need
  • For merit scholarships, factors like GPA, test scores, extracurricular activities are considered
  • Specific majors/programs may be required for some subject-specific scholarships
  • A separate eligibility criterion for the AIST Parent Member Scholarship is having an active parent member in the AIST organization

Meeting basic eligibility criteria does not guarantee a scholarship – selection committees evaluate all applications holistically.

Types of Scholarships Available

DCHS offers a wide range of scholarship opportunities through various memorial funds, charitable donations, external partnerships and micro-scholarship programs.

The table below summarizes some of the notable scholarships available:

Scholarship NameAmountKey HighlightsDeadline
SILA Foundation Scholarship$1000For pursuing mechanical/industrial engineeringMay 31, 2024
Arnold Oestmann Scholarship$1500Merit-basedMay 1, 2024
Illinois First Generation Scholarship$1500Need-based for first generation college studentsDecember
RaiseMe MicroscholarshipsVariableEarn money for college starting Grade 9 through this programRolling

Apart from the above, many other general and subject-specific scholarship opportunities are available. Students must check the school website and contact the administration for the full listing.

How To Apply for DCHS Scholarships

Applying for DCHS scholarships involves a straightforward process:

Step 1: Check Application Deadlines

Each scholarship has its own application deadline. Checking deadlines well in advance ensures you have enough time to submit your applications. As an example – the SILA Foundation Scholarship application closes on May 31, 2024.

Step 2: Review Eligibility Criteria

Next, review the eligibility for scholarships you plan to apply for to confirm you meet the specified requirements. For instance, the Illinois First Generation Scholarship has need-based financial eligibility criteria.

Step 3: Prepare Required Documents

Once you’ve shortlisted relevant scholarships, prepare documents needed – transcripts, letters of recommendation, essays or any other requirements mentioned.

Step 4: Submit the Completed Application Package

Using the instructions provided, submit your complete application package before the set deadlines. Many scholarships use the Common Application Form available online.

Meeting deadlines is crucial for your scholarship application to be considered. If you have any questions on the application process, contact the school administration.

Additional Tips for Scholarship Applications

Here are some additional tips to strengthen your overall scholarship application:

  • Maintain an updated college resume highlighting academic achievements, extracurricular activities, honors etc. This information will be valuable across scholarship applications.
  • Craft your application essay thoughtfully explaining your background, academic record, career goals and financial need. Ask teachers to review your essays.
  • Seek letters of recommendations from teachers, counselors etc. acquainted with your talents way before application deadlines.
  • Research alternative external scholarships you can additionally apply for to maximize your chances of receiving funding.


Applying for DCHS scholarships can make college more affordable for motivated students. The school offers a range of scholarships based on merit, specific majors, programs and financial need. By meeting eligibility criteria and application deadlines, students can take advantage of these funding opportunities. Additional tips like building a strong resume and essay can go a long way in showcasing credentials to scholarship committees. With proper planning, students can reap rich rewards from the DCHS scholarship program.

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