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The Edulastic is an Application and Website for the Teacher. The Teachers use it for taking the Class of Students. They also provide Educational in the form of the Tutorial in it. The App provided by the creator of the Website is called Edulastic Kiosk. It is available on both platforms, which are Google Play Store and Apple Apps Store. Provide personalized, data-driven recommendations to each student. The Website has 11 Million Users and 1.2 Billion Questions Answered.

Fill learning gaps for struggling students with practice, and challenge advanced students to move ahead in things like differentiated Math Practice, Phonics Instruction for young children, Custom Lesson Creator, and Distance Education. The goal of the Website is to Assess at School, Reinforce at Home. The Students can use all the Data to Track Learning and Growth, including Assessing, Instructing, and Measuring.

Using technology-enhanced assessments for benchmarking, classroom instruction, or distance learning. Use high-quality item banks, diagnostic or curriculum-aligned assessments, create your questions, or mix and match to administer district joint or formative classroom assessments quickly. It includes things that are listed below:

  • Common Benchmarks
  • Classroom Formatives
  • State Test Practice
  • Secure Testing

Is Edulastic Free?

Yes, It is free. But it is not only for that; there are some Subscription Plans in it. We have tried to provide Complete information about its Subscription here. Summary of Subscription Options:

  • Teacher Free – Fundamental features for educators
  • Teacher Premium – Additional functionality for individual teacher accounts
  • School or District Enterprise – Premium access for all educators in your school/district, as well as access for the leadership team on a school-wide and district-wide basis.

Edulastic Code:

It is a Website and Application which provides the Code to their Teachers. The teachers will forward that Code to their Students afterward so that their Students can join the Lecture or the Class by using that Code. There are two steps for finding the Code, which we have tried to provide you guys below:

  • To access the class, go to your Dashboard and click the green arrow icon.
  • The class code is shown in the upper right corner:
  • You can also click Manage Class (1) and then (2) on the name of the class for which you require the Class Code.

Edulastic Practice Test:

It provides the Tests given to them by the Teacher from different cities. They give help the Students prepare for Standardized Tests. Free Practice Tests with Technology-Enhanced Questions and Actual State-Released Items. There is a Drop-Down Menu in which there the name of different States. In it, there are tests which are provided by the various states, which include States like Texas, Virginia, Washington, and New Jersey. The Link for Visiting the Edulastic Practice Test Page is here. They also offer extra help to the student for their Test Sessions in which they have additional features which are listed below:

  • Customize Practice Tests For Your Class
  • See Where Students Need More Help
  • Mimic Your Test With State-Specific Players

The students must choose from their high-quality free question banks, write their technology-enhanced questions, or combine the two!

  • 50+ Tech Enhanced Questions Type
  • Share and Collaborate with Colleagues
  • Built-In Authoring Tool

Edulastic For Teachers:

The Website is provided mainly for the Teachers. The Link for Visiting Edulastic for Teachers is provided here. It helps the Teachers to drive Instant Instruction for free. In minutes, you can create technology-enhanced, standards-aligned assessments. Receive instant feedback on student performance. The Teacher will need to provide the Assessment for the Test they have provided. High-quality questions aligned to common core, NGSS, and state standards at all DOK levels, including performance tasks, from trusted sources.

The Teacher can also provide help the students understand and Retain more. Give Students the tools to extend their thinking and explain their Reasoning with Edulastic’s ScratchPad. It includes the things like Freehand Drawing, Text Annotations, Lines, Shapes, and Arrows. Various features are allotted for the Teacher, which is given below in the listed format:

  • Instant Feedback
  • Technology-Enhanced Questions
  • Aligned to State Tests
  • Google Classroom Sync

Edulastic For Assessment:

Edulastic provides the Assessment process. The link for Edulastic for Assessment is provided here. It gives the Best-In-Class and Tech-Enhanced Assessments. It also provides Questions created by experts that are standards-aligned for all types of assessments, from formative to formal. There are also different things which are listed in it, which I provide in the section given below:

  • Standardized Test Practice
  • Free Edulastic Certified Questions
  • High-Quality Publisher Partners
  • Curriculum-Aligned Custom Assessments

The Free Standardized Test Practice is coming with the TEIs it will help students master the format of year-end state tests by providing them with technology-enhanced questions, such as actual released items and practice tests from PARCC, AzM2, MCAS, AIR, PSSA, and MAAP. The Free Standards-Aligned and Edulastic Certified Questions for the Certified item bank contains over 20,000 standards-aligned questions for formative assessments in the classroom, school, or district. It includes the features like:

  • There are Teams with Decades of Assessment Experience
  • Popular & Reliable Open Educational Resources like Engage NY
  • State-Released Test Items

Edulastic Contact Details:

  • Email Address:
  • Address: 39300 Civic Center Drive, Suite 310, Fremont, CA 94538
  • Phone Number: (510) 328-3277, (424) 502-0423
  • Twitter: Edulastic
  • Instagram: edulastic
  • Facebook: Edulastic
  • LinkedIn: Edulastic


I have provided you with this Article’s Guide for Edulastic. I hope that the Article is helpful to you Users. Furthermore, If you have any doubts about the topic or another article, you can let us know in the Comment Section.

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Who uses Edulastic?

The Educators mainly use the Edulastic Website. It is used by educators all over the country to power assessments in their classrooms. It has grown in popularity as a top digital assessment platform recently, rising from its launch in 2014 to an active community of over 26,000 schools and over 2.6 million students. 22-Jul-2022

What can you do with Edulastic?

It is a web-based platform designed to assist teachers in assessing and monitoring students as they work toward standard mastery. It includes over 80,000 built-in, standards-aligned questions, and assessments.

How do you take a test on Edulastic?

Click the “Create New Item” button in the top right corner. Then, choose a question type. It has over 30 different question types. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Select Test Library from the left-hand navigation options.
  2. Configure the filters on the left side.
  3. Examine the outcomes.
  4. Choose “Assign” for your class.

Can you do Edulastic on your Phone?

Yes, the student, teachers, or anyone else can use the App or Website from their Phone. It is now available on smartphones for students. Students can use their smartphones to view and submit assignments.

How do students log in to Edulastic?

Students should visit App.Edulastic. The students can select these options and use their school ID and password if their school uses Google or Office 365 email addresses. Students who use Clever at school should choose the Sign in with Clever option.

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