eHallpass is a digital hall pass system used by many schools to track and monitor student movement throughout the school. With eHallpass, students no longer need to carry paper hall passes that can be forged or lost. Instead, they can easily request digital passes directly from their computer or mobile device.

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The system provides enhanced oversight and control over student hall passes while also protecting student privacy. It eliminates issues like students roaming the halls without permission or using fake paper passes. This article provides a complete guide on how students can log into eHallpass and request digital hall passes.

Logging Into eHallPass

To access eHallPass, students must first log into the system. There are a couple different ways students can log in:

1. Go to the eHallPass Website

The main eHallPass website can be accessed at On the home page, click the button labeled “I’m a Student”. This will bring you to the student login page.

2. Log In Through Your School’s Student Portal

Many schools provide direct access to eHallPass through their existing student portals or websites. Check with your school to see if there is a dedicated eHallPass login link. This allows for easy single sign-on access.

3. Log In Through Clever

Some schools use Clever to manage all student applications and logins. You may be able to log into eHallPass by going to and selecting the eHallPass icon. Use your school credentials to access Clever.

Once on the eHallPass login page, enter your standard school username and password. This will log you into the system so you can start requesting hall passes.

Requesting Hall Passes

After logging in, the main eHallPass dashboard will appear. Here you can request hall passes, view your pass history, and see any pending or approved passes.

To request a new hall pass:

  1. Click the “Request Hall Pass” button
  2. Select the type of pass you need from the list:
  3. Bathroom Pass
  4. Water Fountain
  5. Office Visit
  6. Library
  7. Locker
  8. Counselor
  9. Nurse
  10. Other
  11. Enter any additional details in the notes section
  12. Click “Submit Request”

The request will be sent to your teacher for approval. Once approved, you will see the pass appear in your “Approved Passes” section and receive a notification.

Hall Pass Reasons

Here are some of the main reasons students request hall passes along with any details to include:

  • Bathroom Pass: No additional details needed
  • Water Fountain: Specify closest water fountain location
  • Office Visit: Enter name of office and reason for visit
  • Library: Note if you need to print or work on a project
  • Locker: Locker number
  • Counselor: Counselor name
  • Nurse: Reason for visiting nurse’s office
  • Other: Any details for other unmatched reasons

Hall Pass Rules and Guidelines

When using eHallPass, it’s important to follow any rules and guidelines set by your school. This ensures proper use of the system. Here are some general hall pass guidelines:

  • Only request a hall pass when you have a valid reason to leave the classroom
  • Do not wander or stop at other locations outside of your approved destination
  • Take the most direct route to your destination and back
  • Do not request passes to meet up with friends or skip class
  • Return to class promptly before your pass expires
  • Do not spam pass requests if a teacher denies your request
  • Report any glitches or issues with eHallpass to a teacher

Misuse of hall passes or the eHallpass system may result in disciplinary action per your school’s rules.

Hall Pass Status and Notifications

After requesting a pass, you will see it appear in your “Pending Passes” section. This means it is awaiting approval from a teacher.

Once approved, the pass will move to “Approved Passes” where you can view details and the expiration time. You will also receive a notification alerting you that your pass was approved.

If your requested pass is denied, you will get a notification explaining why. Passes may be denied if teachers feel the request was invalid or misused. Do not repeatedly request the same pass if denied.

While your pass is approved and active, the system will track your status and send alerts when your pass is about to expire. This helps you safely return to class on time.

Student Privacy and Hall Passes

eHallpass prioritizes student privacy and safety. The system provides oversight without unnecessarily tracking student locations or personal information.

Here are some key student privacy features:

  • Pass requests only show student name and ID number, no other personal details
  • Teacher notifications only indicate student name and type of pass requested
  • Pass details and requests cannot be viewed by other students
  • Location tracking only occurs directly between classroom and stated destination

If you have any concerns about privacy, speak with your school administrators about proper eHallpass use. Any potential misuse or overreach regarding student monitoring would go against eHallpass policies.

Benefits of eHallPass

The eHallPass system provides many benefits for both students and teachers:

For Students:

  • Request passes easily from any device
  • No more lost paper passes or forgery
  • Direct teacher notification and approval
  • Clear pass status and expiration reminders
  • Streamlined experience across all classrooms

For Teachers:

  • Enhanced visibility into student hall passes
  • Ability to approve or deny pass requests
  • Eliminates classroom disruptions from paper passes
  • Pass activity reporting and analytics
  • Customizable pass settings and restrictions

By following proper hall pass procedures, students can enjoy an improved, streamlined process. Digital passes also give teachers and staff better oversight for safety and security.

Tips for Using eHallPass

Here are some additional tips for smoothly using eHallPass:

  • Make sure to log out and close your pass when you return to class. This updates your status.
  • Request passes ahead of time when possible instead of last minute.
  • Have your pass reason and details ready before submitting a request.
  • Only refresh the page if you lose connection. Constant refreshing can cancel your pass.
  • Report any errors or glitches immediately so they can be fixed.
  • Never share your login information or request passes for other students.

Troubleshooting eHallPass Issues

If you experience any technical issues with eHallPass, try the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Refresh the page or log out and log back in
  • Use a different web browser or device
  • Clear your browser cookies and cache
  • Check if the school network is down or blocked
  • Speak with your teacher about any pending or approved passes
  • Report persistent problems to the school IT department


eHallPass modernizes the old paper hall pass system and provides enhanced oversight into student movement. By following school guidelines and procedures, students can easily request and use digital hall passes. The system balances student privacy with the need for monitoring and security. Logging in and requesting passes through eHallpass should be simple by just remembering your school login details and then selecting the proper pass type. With regular use, eHallPass can benefit all students and teachers through streamlined workflows and improved accountability.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is eHallPass an app I have to download?

No, eHallPass is a web-based system that you access through any standard web browser. There is no app to download. You just go to the website URL and log in.

2. Can I use eHallPass on my phone?

Yes, eHallPass is mobile-friendly, allowing pass requests and access from any device with a web browser like smartphones, tablets, or laptops.

3. Do I need to request a pass every time I leave the classroom?

In most cases, yes. Follow your teacher and school’s guidelines on when you need permission to leave the room through eHallPass. Get in the habit of always requesting a pass.

4. How long are hall passes valid for?

Pass durations depend on the school’s settings. Most last 5-15 minutes. Your pass will expire automatically once the time is up, so be sure to return to class promptly.

5. Can I hold my pass open indefinitely?

No. You cannot extend or hold passes open longer than the expiration time set during approval. Make sure to close completed passes upon returning to class.

6. What happens if I refresh the page or close my browser?

Refreshing or closing the browser will cancel an active pass. Reopen the same browser window or tab to keep your pass valid. Report any accidental closures immediately.

7. Does eHallPass track my location or record personal data?

No. eHallPass prioritizes student privacy and does not actively track locations outside of pass requests. Only necessary identity details are shared with teachers on a need-to-know basis.

8. How do I contact someone if I’m having technical issues?

Report any login or technical issues with eHallPass to your teacher as the first step. Persistent problems can be elevated to your school IT department. You can also contact eHallPass support at

9. Can teachers see my location or deny passes for certain destinations?

Teachers can only see your name, student ID, and pass type when approving requests. They cannot actively view or track locations. Destination restrictions are not common but may be configured by your school.

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