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Finding suitable housing as a student can be challenging. You want a place that is affordable, close to campus, and has the amenities you need. Lakeshore Apartments offers popular student housing options, but how do you go about getting a rental similar to what Lakeshore provides? This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know.

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Lakeshore Apartments is a well-known name in student housing in Houston, Texas. With fully furnished rooms, utilities included, and flexible rental terms, it’s no wonder why Lakeshore is a coveted option for students.

As you search for off-campus housing, using Lakeshore Apartments as a model for the type of amenities and rental terms can help streamline your process. While you may not find an exact match, understanding what Lakeshore offers can give you criteria to look for.

This guide will cover:

  • Amenities offered at Lakeshore Apartments
  • How to apply for a rental
  • Average rent costs for student housing
  • Tips for finding housing similar to Lakeshore

Follow these steps, and you’ll be well on your way to finding quality, affordable student housing.

Amenities Offered at Lakeshore Apartments

Lakeshore Apartments distinguishes itself by providing furnished rooms and inclusive utilities.

Here are some of the notable amenities offered:

  • Fully furnished rooms with utilities included (electricity, water, WiFi, etc.)
  • Communal kitchens and study areas
  • Air conditioning and heating
  • Option to book by semester or 3-12 month intervals
  • On-site laundry facilities
  • Social events and activities

These features cater nicely to student living. Having furnishings, utilities, and flexible lease terms takes away a lot of extra hassle. The community areas also make it easy to meet other students.

While you may not find an apartment that matches Lakeshore’s offerings exactly, you now have an idea of some useful amenities to look out for.

How to Apply for a Rental

The application process at Lakeshore Apartments follows typical rental procedures. Here is an overview of what to expect:

Application Requirements

  • Online application form
  • Application fee payment
  • ID verification
  • Income verification
  • Rental history

Qualifying Criteria

Applicants must meet criteria related to:

  • Criminal history
  • Credit checks
  • Income levels
  • Rental history

Those who don’t meet the above requirements need a qualified guarantor to sign the lease.

First-time renters without a credit history require a guarantor as well.

Apply Online

Visit the Lakeshore Apartments website directly and find the “Apply Now” page. This is the quickest way to begin the official application process.

Be prepared to answer questions regarding your renter history and provide the requested documentation.


The leasing office will follow up on your application. You may need to answer additional questions or chat more about guarantor options if you don’t meet all rental requirements.

This overview should give you an idea of what to expect when applying for housing. Make sure to consult rental sites directly for their specific application details.

Average Rent for Student Housing

Rental rates can vary drastically depending on your city and individual property.

However, some average costs for student housing are:

Room TypeAverage Monthly Rent
Shared bedroom$500-$800
Private bedroom$800-$1500
Entire apartment$1000-$2000

These rates serve as a baseline guide, but your exact rental costs depend on factors like:

  • Location
  • Size
  • Amenities
  • Furnishings
  • Number of roommates

Do your research to understand the market rental rates in your area for student housing. This will help you set realistic expectations.

Be sure to account for additional expenses like parking, utilities, WiFi, furnishings, and more. These can all add significant costs to your base rent amount.

Tips for Finding Lakeshore-Style Housing

You may not always find an exact match for Lakeshore Apartments, but focusing your housing search using the following tips can help:

Seek Out Student Housing Complexes

Properties marketed specifically for students likely offer similar amenities to Lakeshore. Start your search by looking at nearby off-campus student living complexes.

Inquire About Utilities

Ask upfront exactly what utilities are included in the rent. Lakeshore bundles most utilities, which saves costs and headaches.

Look for Furnished Options

Furnished apartments simplify moving and cut down on initial expenses. These are ideal if you need short-term housing.

Research Lease Terms

Lakeshore allows booking by semester or set intervals. See if available properties offer flexible short-term leasing options suited for students.

Consider Shared Living Spaces

Living with roommates is more affordable. Shared housing options work nicely for students looking to save costs.


Finding quality student housing can feel overwhelming, but using Lakeshore Apartments as a model for the type of amenities to look for simplifies your search. Focus on furnishings, flexible lease terms, inclusive utilities, community areas, and proximity to campus above all else.

Thoroughly research all properties, inquire about exact rental rates and amenities, and read leases carefully before signing. This ensures you find housing aligned with your budget and needs.

Use these student housing tips, and you’ll be set up for success in your new place you can call home.

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