Hdintranet Heartland Dental is a leading dental support organization that is committed to providing world-class education opportunities to dentists, dental assistants, hygienists, and other dental professionals. With a focus on continuing education and professional development, Heartland Dental offers a comprehensive set of programs and resources to help dental teams deliver exceptional patient care.

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Overview of Hdintranet Heartland Dental University

At the core of Hdintranet Heartland Dental’s educational offerings is Heartland Dental University (HDU). HDU provides live, virtual, and on-demand courses covering advanced clinical techniques, practice management strategies, leadership development, and more.

HDU courses are designed by seasoned clinicians and industry experts. They incorporate the latest dental techniques and technologies to give dental professionals the skills they need to provide state-of-the-art care.

In addition to the regular course offerings, HDU provides customized educational solutions to supported doctors and their teams. This allows Heartland Dental to tailor training programs to the specific needs of each practice.

Key Education Programs from HdintranetHeartland Dental

Heartland Dental provides a diverse selection of learning opportunities to meet the needs of dental students and professionals at every stage of their career.

Some of the main education programs offered include:

Continuing Education for Supported Doctors

Supported doctors have access to a wide array of continuing education (CE) courses to build their clinical skills in areas like implants, oral surgery, sleep apnea treatment, and more. Courses are designed to provide advanced, practical training aligned with Heartland Dental’s commitment to world-class patient care.

Doctors can earn CE credits through self-paced online courses, live webinars, hands-on workshops, and lectures from key opinion leaders.

Training for Dental Assistants

A unique education program offered by Heartland Dental is the training available to dental assistants. Assistants can complete courses alongside supported doctors to gain skills in advanced procedures like placing implants, extracting teeth, placing crowns, and more.

This on-the-job training allows assistants to expand their capabilities and deliver higher levels of patient care. Assistants who complete the training are better prepared to take on greater clinical responsibilities in supported practices.

5-Year Doctor Mastery Program

The Doctor Mastery Program provides supported doctors with a 5-year continuing education curriculum. Courses cover clinical techniques, practice growth strategies, and leadership development.

By participating in this program, doctors can earn over 400 CE credits. The program is designed to help them gain knowledge and skills to manage a successful, patient-focused dental practice.

Bell Leadership Academy

The Bell Leadership Academy focuses on providing business education and leadership training. Courses teach strategies for marketing, patient acquisition, staff management, and practice growth.

The program helps supported doctors enhance their capabilities as practice owners and leaders. Doctors acquire valuable insights into building their brand, engaging patients, and creating a productive workplace culture.

Hygiene Continuing Education

Hdintranet Heartland Dental offers a robust selection of continuing education courses for hygienists. The courses allow hygienists to meet licensure and certification requirements while expanding their clinical knowledge.

Available topics include the latest techniques in preventive care, periodontal therapy, oral cancer screening, and digital imaging. Courses are designed to help hygienists deliver excellent patient care and grow their careers.

Unique Benefits of Hdintranet Heartland Dental’s Educational Offerings

There are several advantages to the education programs offered by Hdintranet Heartland Dental:

  • Convenience – Options for live, virtual, and on-demand courses allow busy dental professionals to access training at their convenience.
  • Affordability – Program fees are fully or partially subsidized for supported doctors and team members, keeping costs low.
  • Customization – Heartland Dental can tailor courses and curriculums to each supported practice’s unique needs and goals.
  • Practical focus – Courses emphasize practical techniques and technologies that can be immediately implemented in supported practices.
  • Expert instruction – Industry experts and seasoned clinicians lead courses, providing insightful and experienced perspectives.
  • Cutting-edge content – Course topics focus on emerging dental techniques, equipment, and best practices.
  • Peer collaboration – Live courses and events enable peer-to-peer learning and networking.

By leveraging these advantages, Heartland Dental delivers exceptional educational experiences that directly enhance patient care capabilities.

Accessing Hdintranet Heartland Dental’s Education Programs

Heartland Dental makes its world-class education accessible to dental students and professionals through multiple channels:

  • Heartland Dental University website – Provides full details on HDU courses, program information, class schedules, and online registration.
  • Social media – Heartland Dental uses Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn to share program announcements, new course launches, registration links, and continuing education tips.
  • Email subscriptions – Dental professionals can sign up to receive email updates on upcoming HDU courses and training opportunities.
  • Heartland Dental events – Educational offerings are showcased at Dental Leader Roundtables, Heartland Forums, and other events.
  • Practice consultants – Heartland Dental practice consultants inform supported doctors and their teams about relevant educational programs.
  • Heartland Dental Portal – An online hub providing quick access to program details and registration for supported doctors.

By making education easily discoverable through these channels, Heartland Dental ensures dental professionals can find the training they need to advance their careers.

Fulfilling Important Prerequisites

While Hdintranet Heartland Dental University offers continuing education primarily aimed at current dental professionals, it is important to note key prerequisites for those wishing to embark on a dental career:

  • Earning a bachelor’s degree is required for entry into dental school. Required undergraduate coursework typically includes classes in biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, and English. Strong grades in these preparatory courses are essential.
  • Gaining hands-on experience in dentistry by volunteering or working in dental offices. Such experience demonstrates interest in the field and strengthens dental school applications.
  • Taking the Dental Admission Test (DAT), the standardized exam used by dental schools to assess applicants. A competitive DAT score is crucial for admission.
  • Securing strong letters of evaluation from college instructors, dentists, and employers. These recommendations highlight applicant capabilities and readiness for dental school.

By fulfilling these core prerequisites, aspiring dentists lay the groundwork needed to gain admission into dental school and ultimately access the world-class education Heartland Dental offers to dental professionals.

The Importance of Continuing Education

Lifelong learning is essential for dentists and their teams to deliver the highest quality of care to patients. Heartland Dental recognizes the importance of continuing education by making it a central focus.

Ongoing education in the latest clinical techniques, technologies, and best practices helps dental professionals:

  • Enhance skill sets and expand the scope of procedures they can provide.
  • Keep up with new innovations in dental materials, equipment, and techniques.
  • Master advanced solutions for improving patient diagnoses, treatment, and outcomes.
  • Gain new knowledge to apply immediately in their practices.
  • Retain and renew dental licensure, which requires regular CE coursework.
  • Build confidence and capabilities when adopting new methods.
  • Network with peers and share insights to improve patient care collaboratively.
  • Position themselves as dental industry thought leaders.
  • Market their practices by demonstrating proficiency in specialized, highly sought-after services.
  • Boost career satisfaction and advancement opportunities.

By championing continuing education, Heartland Dental empowers dental teams to achieve enduring professional success and provide the best possible patient care.


Heartland Dental Hdintranet lives up to its commitment to world-class education through the robust continuing professional development programs offered via Heartland Dental University. With unique advantages like customization for supported practices, practical coursework, and expert instruction, HDU delivers training that directly improves clinical capabilities.

By leveraging Heartland Dental’s educational resources, dental professionals can master new skills, apply innovative solutions, and take their practices to higher levels of quality, service, and success. With outstanding education as a foundation, dental teams have endless opportunities to transform patient outcomes and fulfill rewarding careers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are some of the main benefits of Heartland Dental University?

A: Key benefits of HDU include convenience through live, virtual, and on-demand courses; affordability with subsidized program fees; customization to each practice’s needs; practical, real-world training; instruction from dental industry experts; and access to emerging techniques and technologies.

Q: Who can participate in Heartland Dental’s educational offerings?

A: Heartland Dental provides continuing education opportunities to supported doctors, dental assistants, hygienists, office managers, and other dental team members. Aspiring dentists can access prep courses needed for dental school through undergraduate academics.

Q: How often are new courses added to Heartland Dental University’s curriculum?

A: New courses are continually developed and added based on the latest advancements and innovations in dentistry. Heartland Dental issues frequent program announcements via email, social media, and other channels.

Q: What topics are covered in HDU hygiene continuing education courses?

A: Hygiene CE course topics include the latest techniques in preventive care, periodontal therapy, oral cancer screening, digital imaging, appointment optimization, patient education, and more.

Q: Does Heartland Dental provide CE courses required for retaining dental licenses?

A: Yes, Heartland Dental offers a wide selection of CE courses that allow supported doctors and hygienists to meet and exceed license renewal requirements.

Key Points

  • Heartland Dental University provides world-class continuing education for dentists, hygienists, assistants, and teams.
  • Live, virtual, and on-demand courses cover clinical techniques, practice growth, and leadership.
  • Unique programs include on-the-job training for assistants and 5-year CE curriculums.
  • Education is customized, practical, led by experts, and focuses on new dental advances.
  • Heartland Dental makes training easily accessible through online, events, social media, and more.
  • Continuing education enables dental professionals to deliver exceptional patient outcomes.

Table Summarizing Heartland Dental’s Key Education Programs

ProgramDescriptionKey Benefits
Continuing Education for Supported DoctorsWide range of CE courses covering advanced clinical techniques and best practicesOngoing development of clinical skills; earn CE credits
Training for Dental AssistantsHands-on training alongside doctors on advanced proceduresExpanded capabilities and clinical responsibilities
5-Year Doctor Mastery Program400+ CE credits over 5 years focused on clinical and practice growth skillsComprehensive development curriculum
Bell Leadership AcademyCourses on practice management, marketing, staff leadershipEnhanced business and leadership capabilities
Hygiene Continuing EducationCE courses meeting licensing needs on the latest hygiene topicsMaintain licenses while expanding knowledge

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