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Apply for Queens College CUNY, is one of the senior colleges within the City University of New York (CUNY) system. Founded in 1937, it has grown into a comprehensive liberal arts college offering over 100 bachelor’s and master’s degree programs across five schools. With over 20,000 students enrolled annually, Queens College prides itself on academic excellence, diversity, and affordability.

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The college has an acceptance rate of 44%, making it moderately competitive for admission. Applicants are evaluated holistically, looking at factors like high school GPA, SAT/ACT test scores, letters of recommendation, extracurricular activities, and personal essays. The admissions process can seem daunting, but breaking it down step-by-step makes applying more manageable. Here is a detailed guide on how to apply for Queens College.

Step 1: Submit the Apply For Queens College CUNY Application

The first step in applying to any CUNY school, including Queens College, is completing the CUNY Application. This common application allows you to apply to up to six CUNY colleges with just one form.

The CUNY Application can be accessed and submitted online through the CUNY website. Be sure to create an account ahead of time. The priority deadline for freshman applications is February 1st, while the regular decision deadline is February 15th. However, Queens College may continue reviewing applications past the deadlines.

The application will require you to provide biographical information, high school background, parent/guardian details, and extracurricular activities. You’ll also need to write a personal essay and provide at least one teacher or counselor recommendation.

If you wish to apply for the Macaulay Honors College, a highly selective program, you can do so through the CUNY Application as well. Just make sure to select Macaulay when choosing your undergraduate colleges.

Step 2: Send Supporting Documents

Along with the online application form, you’ll need to submit supporting documents to complete your application.

For freshman applicants:

  • High school transcript: This should include all courses and grades from 9th through 12th grade. Make sure it is official and sent directly from your high school.
  • SAT/ACT scores (optional): As of Fall 2023, test scores are optional for the next two years. If you do submit them, have the testing agency send official score reports to Queens College.
  • Dual enrollment transcripts: If you took college courses during high school, submit official transcripts from those institutions.

For transfer applicants:

  • College transcript(s): Submit official transcripts from all colleges attended, including summer/winter sessions.
  • High school transcript: This is required for transfer applicants with fewer than 24 completed college credits.

All supporting documents should be mailed directly to:

Queens College Office of Admissions
65-30 Kissena Blvd.
Queens, NY 11367

Step 3: Visit the Admissions Office

The Office of Admissions at Apply For Queens College CUNY is located in the lobby of Jefferson Hall on campus. You can visit in person Monday through Friday between 9:00am and 5:00pm.

The knowledgeable admissions staff can answer any questions you have about the application process or status of your application. You can also pick up brochures and other materials.

If unable to visit in person, you can contact the office at 718-997-5600 or Just be aware that the office receives a high volume of inquiries, so calling or emailing does not guarantee an immediate response.

Step 4: Apply Apply For Queens College CUNY for Summer or Winter Session (Optional)

In addition to applying for the traditional Fall and Spring semesters, you have the option to take summer and winter courses at Queens College. The Summer and Winter Sessions offer an accelerated way to earn credits and meet prerequisites.

To apply for the Summer Session, submit an online application through the Queens College website. You can browse course offerings and register for classes through CUNYfirst. Admission requirements are generally less stringent for summer term.

The Winter Session has a similar application process. These mini-semester courses are intensive but let you quickly meet requirements or bolster your academic record.

Step 5: Check Application Status

Once you submit your Apply For Queens College CUNY Application and supporting materials, you’ll want to monitor the status of your Queens College application periodically.

The Application Status Check tool on the CUNY website lets you view any outstanding requirements, admission decision, or next steps. Queens College will also update applicants via email or mail. Don’t hesitate to call or email admissions with any questions.

If accepted, you must follow instructions to claim enrollment by submitting additional documents and paying fees. Check your acceptance letter and college email for details on new student orientation programs critical for transitioning to campus.

Helpful Application Tips

Here are some additional pointers to help your application stand out:

  • Meet deadlines: Submit forms and documents before posted deadlines whenever possible. Missing deadlines can jeopardize admission chances.
  • Highlight achievements: The application gives you space to showcase academic, extracurricular, volunteer, and work experience. Emphasize your strengths.
  • Write strong essays: The personal essay is a chance to share your story, passion, and personality. Make it engaging and reflective.
  • Request recommendations early: Give teachers and counselors at least two weeks notice to write thoughtful letters of recommendation.
  • Attend info sessions: Queens College frequently holds admissions info sessions to learn more about academic programs and student life.
  • Apply for financial aid: Submit the FAFSA form as soon as possible after October 1st to determine aid eligibility.


Apply For Queens College CUNY for admission to can seem intimidating, but breaking the process down step-by-step makes it more manageable. Focus on submitting a strong CUNY Application, required documents, test scores, and transcripts by the priority deadlines. Don’t hesitate to contact the Office of Admissions with any questions during the process. Following these steps will put you on the path to becoming a Queens College student!

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