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Applying for Accommodation in UDUSOK Hostels: A Step-by-Step Guide

The hostel accommodation portal of Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto (UDUSOK) Udus Hostel Portal offers students a convenient way to apply for residence in the university’s halls of residence. With thousands of students seeking limited hostel vacancies every year, proper planning and timely application are crucial to secure accommodation. This article provides a step-by-step guide on successfully applying for hostel placement through the UDUSOK portal.

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UDUSOK manages several halls of residence within its campuses to cater to student accommodation needs. Students can apply by Udus Hostel Portal logging into the accommodation portal during the specified application timeline and filling an online form. The university allots rooms based on factors like date of application, availability, and order of preference.

Understanding the application process well in advance allows students to make informed choices and increase their chances of securing hostel rooms conveniently. This article covers:

  • Eligibility criteria for applying
  • Step-by-step application instructions
  • Key dates and deadlines to note
  • Things to do after applying

Equipped with proper information, students can avoid last minute hassles and seamlessly apply for their preferred hostel and room type through the university’s online accommodation portal.

Eligibility Criteria

To apply for hostel placement in UDUSOK, Udus Hostel Portal applicants must fulfil the following eligibility requirements:

  • Be a registered full-time student of UDUSOK.
  • Have cleared all applicable tuition fees and met other academic requirements.
  • Have access to a valid student MIS login (username and password).

Additionally, priority is given to international students, students with disabilities, female students, and new entrants taking university placement exams.

Meeting the above criteria makes one eligible to proceed with the hostel application process through the online portal.

Step-by-Step Application Udus Hostel Portal Process

Follow these key steps to apply for UDUSOK hostel accommodation:

Step 1: Visit the Hostel Portal

Go to the official accommodation portal through this link: hostel.udusok.edu.ng. Save the link to easily access the portal whenever required.

Step 2: Login with MIS Credentials

On the portal homepage, enter your university-issued MIS login credentials (MIS username and password) to access the application form.

Step 3: Fill Application Form

Fill all mandatory personal and academic details in the form accurately like name, admission/matriculation number, department, current level of study etc. Cross check details before submission.

Step 4: Select Accommodation Type

Choose your preferred hostel and room occupancy (single/double/triple sharing) as per availability. You may list multiple preferences in order of priority.

Step 5: Submit Application

Verify all information entered in the form for correctness. Accept the declaration and submit the form. Note down the displayed application reference number.

Important Dates and Deadlines

Typically, UDUSOK opens Udus Hostel Portal applications in August for the new academic year beginning October.

The table below has tentative timelines:

Portal Opening Date2nd week of August
Portal Closing Date3rd week of April next year
Allocation Results AnnouncementMay – July

The portal remains open for a limited period only. Students are advised to apply at the earliest during this window and track application status regularly. Delay beyond the portal closing date can jeopardize chances of hostel allotment.

Post Application Procedure

After submitting the accommodation form, bear in mind the following next steps and guidelines:

  • Check portal frequently: Keep tracking the application status on the portal using your login credentials and application ID. It displays updates on processing stages and room allotment details.
  • Follow university notices: Closely follow any notice or announcement regarding hostel admissions displayed on UDUSOK’s website, academic departments and hostels notice board. It may contain payment deadlines or further procedures for alloted applicants.
  • Report errors: Reach out to the academic department’s IT support team immediately in case of any discrepancies in details submitted or to reset your login password if forgotten. Errors should be rectified well before closure of the application window.
  • Await room allotment: Applicants are alloted rooms typically within 1-2 months of the application deadline. The waiting period tends to be longer for popular hostels and lower batches with higher demand. Allocation is done considering factors like seniority, date of submission, gender etc.

Carefully following post-application guidelines and coordinating with university bodies aids quick redressal of issues and faster processing of submitted accommodation requests.


Applying on time through the Udus Hostel Portal gives students their best chance at securing accommodation on-campus, instead of looking for off-campus alternatives later. By understanding eligibility norms, key dates, application procedures, and post-submission guidelines covered in this article, students can avoid last minute delays and hassles in their accommodation plans.

Advance planning and carefully following each step when the application window opens increases the probability of securing their preferred hostel and room type. Saving the portal link, noting down credentials, and regularly monitoring application status after submission are small measures that can make a big difference in conveniently getting on-campus residence.

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