How To Kakitangan Login & New Register Kakitangan.Com

About Kakitangan.Com is an online HR software for Malaysian businesses that helps handle payroll, claims, benefits, leave, etc., and kakitangan is now available as a mobile app. you can Manage and apply for everything and anything with an easy swipe on the Kakitangan app in your mobile. provides one of the excellent platforms for all your HR needs. As one of the leading organizations in Malaysia’s HR industry, they pride themselves in ensuring the highest customer satisfaction and services. Over 12,000 companies trust

How To Kakitangan Registeration 

Kakitangan account sign-up is only for Business owners/HR. If you are registering as an employee, There is no need to register an account to join your team. Ask your HR representative to send you an invite instead.

Before kakitangan login, you have to create an account. Once you create an account, you can log in directly with your Email and password. Creating an account is easy. So here are some steps to create an account.

  • Go to the website
  • Click on the “Sign up” button.
  • Select business owner/HR  
  • Fill in your personal information in the given registration form
  • Choose a username and password
  • Agree to the terms and conditions
  • Click on “create account” to complete the sign-up

How To Kakitangan Login 

Your account must be registered for account kakitangan login. If your account is registered, then you can log in with some simple steps. Here is the step…..

  • Go to the website
  • Click on the kakitangan login  button
  • Enter your Email and password
  • Click on “Login” to access your account

If you have forgotten your login password, you can reset your password by clicking on “Forget your password” and following the instructions provided.

How To Install Kakitangan On A Mobile Phone

Kakitangan is now available as a mobile app. You can easily install it on any phone. Installation instructions are given below.

  1. Android:- Get it on google play

  • Apple IOS:- Download on the app store

  • Huawei:- Explore it on AppGallery

How To Add Employees Into Your Account

When you login to the software. You get the dashboard.. from there, you have to click on users then you will be able to see manage your players. Then click on

add an employee to the team. Then you can see an option.

1- add a single employee

2-batch add employee

3- batch update employees

and you will need to select add a single employee. You get to the next page. you have to

filling all details and may choose to

1-save employee and

2- save and add another employee

Online Payroll & Payslip 

E-Payroll Management System is seamless payroll for all

 A comprehensive and compliant payroll processing software for stress-free and happy employees management of pay slips


How do I add an employee to Kakitangan?

There are two ways to add your employees on Kakitangan.

1- Add them one by one and

2 – Add them by batch import.

Fill in all the details, and you can choose to send the invitation email to the employee now or later. After that, either click Save and add another employee or Save the employee

What Is A Payroll System For Salary?

In simple words. A payroll system is software for the process of paying employees. This system can collect the list of paid or unpaid employees and can be used to track the working hours—attendance, calculating employee’s wages, on-time distributing salary etc.

Which Are The Four Parts Of Payroll?

  1. Gross Compensation
  2. Recurring Items
  3. Ad Hoc Items and
  4. Government Deductions

What Are The Three Steps Of Payroll?

  Stage – 1    Stage – 2   Stage – 3  
  Pre-payroll activities    Actual payroll process    Post-payroll process  
  1-input validation 1-Payroll calculation 1-Reporting
  2-Gathering inputs 2-Payout 2-Payout
  3-Defining payroll policy   3-Defining payroll policy 3-Payroll accounting
    4-Statutory compliance


Kakitangan is one of the leading organizations in the Human Resource industry of Malaysia. is an online HR software for Malaysian businesses that provides one of the great platforms for all your HR needs. This platform helps to handle payroll, claims, benefits, leave, etc., and more than 12,000 companies trust

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