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Hello Students, Are you guys looking for the KSOU Scholarship? If yes, you have now visited the correct place to learn about the KSOU Scholarship. In this Article, I have provided you with complete information about the KSOU Scholarship and other essential details that you will require along with that topic. You guys can stay connected with us to get further details on issues like Exam Patterns, Syllabus, Scholarships, Exam Schedules, College and School Apps, and many more.

The KSOU stands for the Karnataka Open State University, and SSP stands for the State Scholarship Portal. On June 1, 1996, the Karnataka State Open University was established. The KSOU Act of 1992 is regarded as respectable. Open University is one of the country’s open learning institutions. The KSOU Scholarship information is provided below in section-wise format.

KSOU Scholarship Eligibility Criteria:

The KSOU Scholarship is available for almost every college or university department. The List of all the departments is provided in the listed format in the Section given below:

  • Social Welfare Department
  • Tribal Welfare Department
  • Ayush Department
  • Medical Education Department
  • Minorities Welfare Department
  • Technical Education Department

For acquiring the Scholarship in this Section listed above, there are some limitations or some sections: the Eligibility Criteria and Documents Required. The PDF format of the KSOU Scholarship Eligibility Criteria is provided here. Their also different things for which the students can get the Scholarship in the various departments; the List for that is provided in the listed format in the Section given below:

  • Fee Reimbursement
  • Hostel Fee
  • Post Matric Scholarship 
  • Merit Cum Means Scholarship
  • Fee Reimbursement (SC/ST)
  • Defence Scholarship 

KSOU Scholarship Bonafide Certificate Template:

The students must require the Bonafide Certificate Template for the approval of the Scholarships. The Bonafide Certificate is one of the essential documents for students who have applied for Scholarships. The Bonafide Certificate is not for every student who has used the Scholarship but only for those who fall in specific criteria like SC/ST/OBC and others. It does not apply to the students who fall in the General Category. The Link for the PDF of the Bonafide Certificate is provided to guys here. The details which are needed to be filled in the Bonafide Certificate are provided in the listed format, which is given in the Section below:

  • Name of the Student
  • Father Name
  • Mother Name
  • Studying in Course
  • Year of Study
  • Subject Combination/Discipline
  • Type of Seat Allotted

KSOU Students Staying in Private Hostels:

Here in this Section, the Students staying in the Private Hostels who want the Post Matric Scholarship are provided with the details they should know before filling out their Scholarship Forms. Here is the PDF for the Declaration of the Post-Matric Students Staying in the Private Hostels. This PDF of the official Undertaking and Declaration/Attestation by the Principal is given. There are various Blanks that the students must fill up to complete the form. The students must fill in their full names, first names, initials, last names, sections, Department, Course, Course Year, student signatures, Date, Place, and Signature of the Attesting Authority/ Head of the Institute. The Students also need to fill up their Hostels Details in the same form for the Declaration, and the things that need to be filled in for the Hostel Details are given below in the listed format:

  • Name of the Hostel
  • Hostel Address
  • Academic Year

KSOU Post Matric Scholarship:

In this Section, I have provided you guys with the PDF and Steps for the Students who want to Apply for the Post Matric Scholarship in SSP. The PDF for the KSOU Post Matric Scholarship is available here. The Step-by-Step format for the KSOU Post Matric Scholarships is available here in the Section given below: 

  • Go to the Following URL for KSOU Post Matric Scholarship from here.
  • To apply for PostMatric Scholarship in SSP, click the “Create Account” link and create your login account.
  • From the “Select Category” drop-down menu, choose your Caste Category.
  • Choose whether or not you have Aadhaar.
  • Please include your contact information.
  • Password for your Post-Matric Scholarship account must be created.
  • A student login account will be established.
  • Log in to your account, go to the Student Account Homepage, and click on the “Apply for Post-Matric Scholarship” link.
  • Fill out your study information and choose your Course from the “Course” drop-down menu. Choose your academic year from the “Select Year of Study” drop-down menu. 

KSOU E-Attested Post-Matric Scholarship:

The KSOU also provide the E-Attested Post Matric Scholarship to their Students. I have tried to give the link for the PDF in this Section. The Link for the PDF of the KSOU E-Attested Post Matric Scholarship is provided here. The KSOU E-Attested Section will require more documents than the Normal Scholarship Portals; the Document and Certificates needed for it are listed below:

  • Course
  • Course Combination/Discipline/Trade
  • Type of Seat
  • Year of Study
  • Examination System followed by your Course
  • Ensure you make the correct selection
  • Re-Check to avoid any mistakes

KSOU Contact Details:


I have provided you with this Article’s Guide for KSOU Scholarship. I hope that the Article is helpful to you Users. Furthermore, If you have any doubts about KSOU Scholarship or another article, you can let us know in the Comment Section.

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Is there any scholarship for Open University?

In 2022/23, 12 scholarships will be available. A scholarship pays for the total tuition cost of up to 360 credits of OU undergraduate credit-bearing study, up to 120 credits per seasonal academic year, and 360 credits total.

Who can apply for an SSP scholarship?

An applicant must be a Karnataka resident, and their annual family income cannot exceed two lakhs in the case of PMS. In the case of MMS, the annual family income should be at most 2.5 lakhs.

Is the KSOU degree valid?

KSOU (Karnataka State Open University) is affiliated with ACU, AIU, AAOU, and CoL and is approved by UGC. The degree is valid in India and abroad for all government and non-government purposes.

How to apply SSP scholarship 2022?

To begin, navigate to the Karnataka State Scholarship Portal (SSP). On the landing page, you must click on the link that allows you to track the status of your Scholarship. You should now enter your ID number, and the fiscal year you applied for the scholarship scheme.

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