LCG360 is an online portal developed by Learning Care Group (LCG) to provide a wide range of resources and benefits to their employees and staff members. For students and staff, having access to an account on LCG360 unlocks various advantages that enhance their experience working with or for the company.

In this detailed review, we will explore the key account benefits available through LCG360 and how they benefit students and staff members specifically.

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Overview of LCG360

LCG360 serves as a one-stop shop for LCG employees to manage their work life. Through the online portal, staff members can access and manage their benefits, training, payroll information and more.

Some of the main features offered through LCG360 accounts include:

  • Benefits enrollment and management
  • Access to payroll details and ability to manage direct deposit
  • Performance tracking and goal setting
  • Training courses and career development opportunities
  • Company news and announcements
  • Employee perks and special deals

By centralizing these services through an online account, LCG360 makes it more convenient for employees to handle employment-related tasks. The portal is accessible on desktop or mobile, allowing staff members to manage their account anywhere.

Key Account Benefits for Students and Staff

LCG360 provides a wide array of benefits and perks to support students and staff members. Here are some of the most valuable account features available:

Health Insurance

Full-time employees may be eligible for company-subsidized health insurance plans. LCG360 makes it easy to review plan options, manage coverage, and handle billing and claims. This takes the hassle out of health benefits administration.

Paid Time Off

Full-time staff can accrue paid time off to use for vacation, sick time and personal days. LCG360 helps employees monitor and request time off right from their account.

Education & CDA Assistance

Some positions come with education and CDA assistance benefits to help staff members pursue professional development. LCG360 accounts enable students/employees to research these programs and submit applications online.

Life & Disability Insurance

Eligible employees get access to company-paid basic life insurance. Additional supplemental policies and disability insurance options are also available. Staff members can review their coverage details in their LCG360 account.

Retirement Savings Plans

LCG360 makes it simple to enroll in and manage 401(k) contributions. The portal shows account balances, investment options and more to help employees on their retirement planning journey.

Flexible Spending Accounts

Certain positions have access to flexible spending accounts for health care and dependent care. LCG360 allows account holders to check their FSA balances, submit claims and more.

Employee Perks

From their LCG360 account, staff members can browse and redeem a variety of employee perks. These include discounts on travel, electronics, entertainment, retail stores and more. Exclusive access to these savings are a great extra benefit.

Company News & Training

LCG360 acts as an information hub with company announcements, newsletters, training opportunities and more. Students and staff can stay up-to-date on what’s happening across LCG.

Key Benefits for Students

For students working with LCG, the LCG360 account unlocks some tailored benefits above and beyond the standard offerings.

CDA Program

Through their account, students can learn about and apply for LCG’s Convenient CDA Program. This provides a guided path to earn a nationally-recognized Child Development Associate credential.

Tuition Reimbursement

Some student positions may come with tuition reimbursement benefits, accessible through the LCG360 portal. This can help offset the costs of continuing education.

Scholarship Opportunities

LCG360 lists available LCG scholarships for qualifying students. These help provide financial assistance for educational expenses.

Early Education Experience

Working for LCG gives students hands-on experience in the early education field. This can enrich classroom learning and strengthen skills.

Convenient Access via Mobile or Web

One of the top perks of LCG360 is that it centralizes company services and benefits into a unified digital account. Students and staff can securely access their account from any device using these options:

  • Mobile app – Download the LCG360 app on iOS or Android to check your account on-the-go. Use your phone to view schedules, request time off, access pay info and more.
  • Web portal – Visit and login to your account directly in your web browser. Manage benefits, training, company news and all key features.

With mobile and web access, account tools and info are available anytime, anywhere.

User-Friendly Account Management

LCG360 makes it simple for students and staff to manage their accounts with user-friendly features such as:

  • Single sign-on – Once logged into your account, you can seamlessly access integrated systems like Dayforce, Benefitsolver and more. No need to sign in again.
  • Intuitive navigation – The portal uses familiar designs like dashboard views, nested side navigation, and profile settings. Key tasks are easy to find.
  • Smart notifications – Get timely alerts about important items that require your attention like benefits renewals, training deadlines and more.
  • Secure access – LCG360 uses enterprise-grade security and authentication to keep accounts protected. Staff can safely access personal data.

With these enhancements, students and employees can handle account management quickly and smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about LCG360’s account benefits:

Who can get an LCG360 account?

LCG360 accounts are available to all LCG employees, including full-time, part-time, substitutes, and students who work for LCG centers.

What can I manage from my LCG360 account?

Your account is a central hub to manage your work life including benefits, payroll, schedules, training, company news and more. Think of it as your command center.

Is LCG360 available on mobile?

Yes, you can access your LCG 360 account conveniently on-the-go using the iOS or Android mobile app. This allows you to view schedules, timecards, benefits info and more.

How do I login to my account?

You can login by visiting or using the LCG 360 mobile app. Login using your username and password credentials provided during onboarding.

Can I change my account password?

Yes, you can change your LCG 360 password anytime by going to your account profile. Just choose the change password option.

Who do I contact for LCG360 support?

If you have issues with the LCG 360 portal, you can contact the support team at or by calling 1-800-LCG-3600.


LCG360 provides invaluable benefits and services to Learning Care Group’s students and staff through integrated online accounts. From health insurance and retirement plans to tuition reimbursement and CDA assistance, account access unlocks key perks and conveniences. Plus mobile and web accessibility makes it easy to manage your LCG work life from anywhere.

By centralizing tools and resources on its user-friendly platform, LCG 360 creates a streamlined employment experience for students and staff alike. The accounts demonstrate LCG’s commitment to investing in the growth and wellbeing of their team members.

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