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The FWISD Stands for Fort Worth Independent School District. They have also provided the Website which is called MyApps FWISD. All Pre-K teachers in Fort Worth ISD are state certified and have either an ESL or bilingual supplemental certification. Every year, our teachers receive at least 30 hours of professional development and 15 hours of coaching. This teacher preparation and training for our youngest students lay a solid foundation for our student’s K-12 education.

Students graduating from FWISD’s Gold Seal Early College High Schools receive two diplomas: a high school diploma and an associate degree from Tarrant County College. FWISD elementary students broke the NCAA record for the most minutes read by a school district anywhere in the world. In 2022, our elementary students will have read for more than 14.9 million minutes as part of the Readers Become Leaders programme.

Fort Worth ISD is nearing the end of the 2017 Capital Improvement Program. The “Rediscover Fort Worth ISD” campaign showcased the community’s projects, particularly the extensive upgrades and additions to high schools, such as:

  • Collaborative, college-style learning environments
  • Modernized science labs and Gold Seal career preparation classrooms, studios, and other facilities
  • Athletics facilities that have been updated
  • Front entries that are dynamic and secure entrance vestibules
  • Go Centers that have been redesigned and are more engaging for students to plan their next steps in life

MyApps FWISD Employee Self-Service:

The MyApps FWISD is available with its Service now. The Users or your Colleagues can get full access to the Internal & External which are provided by the Employee Self Service (ESS). All the current or old employees can check or view their Paycheck & Salary Information by Accessing the Webpage.

Here is the link for visiting the MyApps FWISD Employee Self-Service page. Please enter your user id (without and network password. If you are having trouble with your user ID and password, go to “Let’s Talk” and select “Customer Service.”

MyApps FWISD Calendar:

The Calendars that they provide are Printable, Viewable, and Saveable. The link for Visiting the MyApps FWISD Calendar is given in this section. The Official Website has provided the different Calendars we have tried to provide you guys with the listed format, which is given in the section given below:

  • Traditional Calendar (2022-23)
  • ALC & JO Kelly Calendar (2022-23)
  • Early College High School Calendar (2022-23)
  • Employee Calendar (2022-23)
  • Reporting and Ending Dates (2022-23)

They have also provided their Users with the Customize Calendar View and different calendar formats. They can see all the details with Date and Day wise if they want to see it.

MyApps FWISD Employee:

The MyApps FWISD has provided their Employees with their Page on their Website. The Link for Visiting the MyApps FWISD Employee is provided here. They have also provided various Quick Links for their Employees. It will eventually save them time searching for everything on the Menu. We have tried to provide you guys with all the Quick Links in the listed format, which is given in the section given below:

  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Safe Return to Learning Plan 2022-23
  • My FWISD ClassLink Portal
  • COVID Vaccination & Testing Info
  • Canvas
  • Password Reset
  • FLEX Professional Learning
  • Calendars
  • Employee Link Hub
  • Inside FWISD Newsletter
  • Announcements

MyApps FWISD Contact Details:


Q: What is MyApps FWISD?

MyApps FWISD is an online portal designed to grant students, teachers, and staff of the Fort Worth Independent School District access to various applications and educational resources.

Q: How do I access MyApps FWISD?

To access MyApps FWISD, you’ll need to use the My FWISD Portal provided by ClassLink. Enter your username and password to log in.

Q: What can I find on MyApps FWISD?

MyApps FWISD offers access to important news, student data, and a wide range of educational resources to support your learning journey.

Q: Can non-FWISD students use MyApps FWISD?

No, MyApps FWISD is exclusively available to students, teachers, and staff affiliated with the Fort Worth Independent School District.

Q: Are the applications on MyApps FWISD approved?

Yes, all applications available on MyApps FWISD come with District-level licenses or subscriptions, ensuring their suitability and relevance for educational purposes.

Q: How do I register for MyApps FWISD?

To register for MyApps FWISD, you must first become a student or employee of FWISD. Once eligible, visit the My FWISD Portal by ClassLink, sign in, and start exploring.


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