myHumboldt is a mobile app developed by Humboldt State University to provide students with convenient access to campus information and services. With myHumboldt, students can view course schedules, grades, financial aid details, and more right from their smartphones. One of the key features of the app is the ability for students to get updates on their courses and fees. This allows students to stay on top of changes to their class schedule or account balance. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at how myHumboldt provides students with course and fee updates.

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Overview of myHumboldt App

The myHumboldt app was launched in 2017 as part of an initiative to improve student services through technology. It allows students to access many of the same functions available through the MyHumboldt student portal from their mobile device.

Some of the key features of myHumboldt include:

  • Course schedule – View schedule by day, week or month and get notifications about room changes
  • Grades – Check midterm and final grades as they are posted
  • Holds – Identify any holds on student account
  • To Do List – Review outstanding tasks and deadlines
  • Campus Map – Find classes and other campus resources
  • News & Events – Stay up to date on campus happenings
  • Financial Aid – Accept aid offers and view account activity
  • Student Financial Services – Make payments and view current account balance

By providing mobile access to these services, myHumboldt aims to help students stay connected and informed while on the go. The app allows students to monitor changes to their schedule or financial status in real-time from anywhere.

Accessing Course Updates

One of the most useful features of the myHumboldt app for students is the ability to get updates on course changes or cancellations. Through the app, students can view their full course schedule including meeting days, times, locations and instructors. If any details about a course change, such as a classroom relocation or switch to remote instruction, students will see these updates immediately reflected in the app.

The course schedule page has a number of different view options to help students stay organized. They can view their schedule by day, week or month, and even build their own custom schedule views. The app also provides notifications anytime a course room or time changes, so students won’t show up at the wrong location. All schedule changes made by academic departments will be pushed through the app automatically.

Being able to access an up-to-date course schedule from their smartphone helps students stay on top of any last minute changes. They don’t have to worry about losing track of changes communicated over email or posted on a department website. The myHumboldt app consolidates these real-time updates into a single view. Students can also enable push notifications for changes to courses they are registered for, providing an extra level of convenience.

Checking Fee Balances and Payments

In addition to course schedule changes, myHumboldt allows students to monitor their student account balances and fee payments. Under the Student Financial Services section of the app, students can view any current charges for tuition, on-campus housing, meal plans, and other fees. They can check the total balance owed for a term as well as review a breakdown of charges by category.

The app also shows any payments, financial aid, or other credits that have been applied to a student’s account. This allows students to see up-to-the-minute information on what they owe for the current or upcoming term, taking into account any recent payments. Account activity including due dates, payments, and refunds is also listed so students can review transaction history.

If students or parents need to make a payment through the app, they can easily connect to TouchNet, the university’s online payment system. TouchNet allows payments via credit card, debit card, bank transfer, or electronic check. Once a payment is processed, the app will reflect the updated account balance. Payments made via TouchNet on the full website will also sync with the myHumboldt mobile view.

Having quick access to real-time account balances and payment tools via the app makes it easy for students to stay on top of fees. The app eliminates the need to log into multiple systems or keep paper statements to monitor what is owed. And by enabling notifications from Student Financial Services within the app, students can receive alerts for new e-bills, important due dates, or changes to their balance.

Additional Features for Staying Updated

In addition to the course schedule and student account functions, myHumboldt has a few other features to help students monitor important updates:

To Do List – This checklist identifies any outstanding tasks a student needs to complete for administrative or academic processes. For example, it may flag an overdue registration form or financial aid document. Students can review their full list of pending to-dos and check them off as completed.

Campus Notifications – Through the Notifications section of the app, students can subscribe to general campus announcements on news, events, emergencies, and more. Important notices are pushed through the app in real-time.

Calendar Sync – Students can sync their myHumboldt course schedule with their mobile device’s calendar. This allows assignments, registration dates, and other academic events to appear on their calendar.

By centralizing school information and updates into the myHumboldt app, students can stay up-to-date without having to access multiple systems. The app’s notifications and sync features give students oversight of their most important tasks and events in one place.

Benefits for Students

Using the myHumboldt app to access course and fee information offers a number of benefits for students:

  • Convenience – Key details like class schedules and account balances are available 24/7 right from a smartphone
  • Real-time updates – Students get notifications the moment a course or fee changes instead of having to hunt down notices
  • Organization – Calendar sync and task lists allow students to manage deadlines and to-dos from one place
  • Accessibility – App works across devices and provides full functionality even without WiFi
  • Accountability – By tracking balances owed, students take greater ownership over finances
  • Proactivity – Staying updated empowers students to immediately resolve any issues like registration holds
  • Preparedness – Getting notifications about room changes or last minute updates helps students adapt

Having instant access to the latest information via the app enables students to stay on top of critical details impacting their academic and financial status. Instead of reacting to issues after the fact, students can use real-time updates to be proactive. Staying up-to-date across all aspects of the college experience helps students be more organized, prepared, and successful.

Considerations and Limitations

While myHumboldt provides extensive course and fee updates through the mobile app, there are some limitations to consider:

  • Information is dependent on university systems – Changes only appear as fast as they are processed by the school
  • Financial aid details may lag – Award status and disbursement to account can take days or weeks
  • Billing errors may occur – Students should still review charges for accuracy
  • Payment policies still apply – Account balances must be paid on time or late fees assessed
  • Contact for issues still required – App is informational only so problems must be addressed with school offices
  • Device compatibility issues – Certain features may not function on all mobile devices
  • Access requires enrollment – App can only be used by active students with university login

Students should keep in mind that myHumboldt does not entirely replace traditional administration and communication. It serves as a convenient tool for accessing existing school information and systems. Students still need to ensure they are meeting important deadlines, reviewing balances thoroughly, and contacting the appropriate offices with any account issues. However, used regularly, the app provides the real-time updates needed to get ahead of potential registration, financial, or graduation issues.

Tips for Using myHumboldt for Course and Fee Updates

To get the most out of using the myHumboldt app for course and fee updates, students should follow these tips:

  • Enable push notifications for changes to registered courses or financial accounts
  • Sync course schedule to mobile calendar to see assignments and deadlines
  • Add app widgets to home screen for quick access to schedule or balance
  • Review course schedule regularly leading up to each term for room or time changes
  • Compare current and future term fee estimates to stay on top of costs
  • Pay close attention to To Do items related to registration and financial aid
  • Contact academic department for clarification on any unclear course changes
  • Follow up quickly on any registration holds or aid requirements
  • Do not rely solely on app for deadlines as delays can occur – stay proactive
  • Look for announcements of maintenance periods when app may not reflect updates
  • Update mobile device and app regularly to ensure optimal performance
  • Use in conjunction with MyHumboldt site for full details and reporting capabilities

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about how myHumboldt provides students with course and fee updates:

How quickly will I be notified through the app if a class is relocated or switched to remote learning?

Notifications for changes to the meeting time, location, or mode of instruction for a course are pushed out in real-time as they are processed by the university. However, it is dependent on academic departments submitting the updates to the registrar in a timely manner.

Where in the app can I view how much I owe for the upcoming semester?

Under Student Financial Services, you can view your full account balance including a breakdown of charges, payments, and financial aid. Balances will be visible for current and future terms.

Is the account balance shown in myHumboldt accurate and up-to-date?

The app syncs with the university’s student account system multiple times per day to reflect new charges, payments, and adjustments. However, it is still advisable to compare with statements on the full university website.

Can I pay my tuition and other fees through the myHumboldt app?

Yes, you can make electronic payments through TouchNet which is accessible on both the mobile app and full Student Financial Services website. Payments will be applied and reflected on your account within 1-2 business days.

How can I make sure I don’t miss any important notifications from the app about my classes or finances?

On the ‘Settings’ page within the app, you can enable push notifications for changes to your registered courses, account charges, and other updates. You can also sync your course schedule to your mobile device’s calendar.


The myHumboldt mobile app provides Humboldt State University students with a convenient way to stay updated on changes to their courses and account balances. By condensing critical information like class schedules, grades, financial aid status, and student account activity into an easy-to-use interface, it enables students to stay informed from anywhere at any time. Real-time notifications of changes pushed through the app help students adapt quickly and stay on top of deadlines. While myHumboldt should not replace direct communication with school offices, integrating it into a regular routine can help students proactively manage their academic and financial status. Taking full advantage of the app’s capabilities allows students to focus more on learning and progress versus logistics.

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