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MySCAD blackboard is the online portal that allows students and staff at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) to access important academic resources and information. With MySCAD, the SCAD community can view course materials, enroll in classes, check grades, make payments, and more, all through one centralized platform. This article will provide an overview of MySCAD blackboard and outline the login process for students and staff to access their accounts.

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For any university, an online portal is essential for connecting students and faculty. At SCAD, MySCAD blackboard serves this vital role by enabling the SCAD community to handle administrative tasks, participate in courses, and stay up to date on school news. For students, MySCAD provides access to course pages, study materials, grades, and enrollment tools. For professors and staff, MySCAD allows them to post announcements, upload course content, monitor student progress, and more. With MySCAD, students and staff can access this information anytime, anywhere, through desktop or mobile devices.

MySCAD runs on the Blackboard Learn platform, one of the most widely-used learning management systems. Blackboard Learn provides a robust set of features that allow SCAD to customize MySCAD to meet the needs of the SCAD community. Whether students are looking up their final grades, professors are posting lecture notes, or staff are updating student records, MySCAD blackboard is the go-to platform that brings it all together.

In this article, we’ll walk through how students and staff at SCAD can log into MySCAD blackboard to unlock all of its helpful features.

Accessing MySCAD Blackboard

To start using MySCAD blackboard, students and staff will need to log into their accounts. Here are the steps:

1. Go to the MySCAD web portal

To access MySCAD blackboard, users will need to navigate to the MySCAD web portal. This can be found at The MySCAD portal should be bookmarked for easy access throughout the semester.

2. Enter SCAD username and password

On the MySCAD login page, users will enter their unique SCAD username and password.

  • For new students, the username will be the student’s 9-digit SCAD ID number. The password will be provided to students when their accounts are created.
  • For current students and staff, use the existing username and password already set up for MySCAD access.

3. Select “Need help logging in?” if necessary

If a user is having trouble logging into their account, they can select the “Need help logging in?” link on the login page. This will direct users to helpful resources for troubleshooting login issues, including guides on resetting passwords.

Once students and staff enter the right login credentials, they will be brought to the MySCAD blackboard home screen. From here, they can navigate to their courses, accounts tools, and SCAD information.

Key Features Accessible Through MySCAD Blackboard

MySCAD blackboard opens up a wealth of helpful academic resources and services for students and staff at SCAD.

Here are some of the key features accessible through MySCAD:

  • Courses: All of a student’s courses will have dedicated pages on MySCAD blackboard where professors can post documents, assignments, discussion forums, and more. Students can access video lectures, submit assignments, review grades, and communicate with professors from their course pages.
  • Enrollment: Through theEnrollment tools, students can search for open courses at SCAD, add or drop classes during registration periods, view their class schedule, and manage waitlists.
  • Billing and Payment Records: Students and authorized staff can look up tuition and fee balances, payment due dates, payment plans, financial aid awards, and account activity. Online payments can also be made through MySCAD.
  • Grades: Students can view posted midterm and final grades for each enrolled course. Historical grades from past semesters are also available.
  • Student Services: MySCAD provides access to support services for online learners like tutoring, writing assistance, technology support, and library services.
  • News and Announcements: University-wide and campus announcements are posted on the MySCAD homepage to keep students informed.

For SCAD staff and professors, MySCAD blackboard includes additional tools like class rosters, grading, attendance tracking, assessment analytics, and more.

New Student Account Setup

For new SCAD students, MySCAD blackboard accounts will be created automatically by SCAD’s IT department.

Here is how new students gain access to MySCAD:

  • When admitted to SCAD, students will receive acceptance letters with instructions for activating their MySCAD accounts.
  • 1-2 weeks before the start of the semester, new account details will be sent to students’ personal email addresses. This includes each student’s auto-generated SCAD ID number and a temporary password for first-time login.
  • With this information, students can access MySCAD blackboard and will be prompted to change their password on their initial login.
  • During student orientation, technology specialists are available to assist with any login issues.
  • Leading up to and throughout the first week of classes, professors remind students to login to MySCAD blackboard to access course pages.

With their account information, new students can explore MySCAD blackboard and become acquainted with its many helpful features.

Account Management for Current Students and Staff

For current SCAD students and staff members who already have MySCAD blackboard accounts, managing and updating accounts is simple.

Here are some tips:

  • Reset forgotten passwords: From the MySCAD login page, users can select “Reset Password” to reset a forgotten password securely through email.
  • Update contact information: Students can change their address, phone, or personal email through the MySCAD Personal Information section.
  • Monitor usage: On the MySCAD homepage, students can view their last login date and recent account activity.
  • Get IT help: SCAD’s tech support team can provide assistance with login issues, password resets, or other account management needs through the student IT Help Portal.
  • Adjust notifications: Users can opt to receive MySCAD notifications for new grades, course announcements, billing statements, and more through text or email.

Keeping account information current ensures students and staff don’t miss important updates from professors, advisors, and SCAD administration.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about MySCAD Blackboard

Here are answers to some common questions about accessing and using MySCAD blackboard:

Q: How do I reset my MySCAD password?

A: From the MySCAD login page, select “Reset Password” and follow the onscreen instructions to reset your password securely through email.

Q: Can I use MySCAD on my mobile device?

A: Yes, MySCAD has a mobile-friendly interface accessible on smartphones and tablets. Download the free Blackboard Student mobile app.

Q: What technical requirements are needed to access MySCAD?

A: MySCAD works on any modern web browser like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. High-speed internet access is recommended.

Q: How do I access course materials on MySCAD blackboard?

A: Once logged in, click on your course under “My Courses” and navigate to “Course Content” to view all materials posted by your professor.

Q: Can I access MySCAD when off campus?

A: Yes, you can log into MySCAD anywhere with internet access using your SCAD username and password. Off-campus access is identical.

Q: Who can I contact for help with MySCAD blackboard?

A: You can use the MySCAD support widget on the homepage, call the IT helpdesk at 912-525-4545, or visit the SCAD IT walk-up help desk in Montgomery Hall.


MySCAD blackboard enables students and staff at SCAD to stay connected, informed, and on top of school responsibilities through one centralized online portal. By providing quick access to courses, grades, financial information, and more, MySCAD helps the SCAD community thrive academically. With the steps provided in this article, students and staff can easily unlock the benefits of MySCAD for themselves. Logging in regularly and taking advantage of all MySCAD has to offer will ensure a smooth academic experience at SCAD.

Table Summarizing MySCAD Blackboard Login Process

User TypeLogin CredentialsAccount Setup
New StudentsSCAD ID and temporary password provided via emailAccounts created automatically; credentials sent 1-2 weeks before semester start
Current StudentsExisting MySCAD username and student-set passwordManage account through MySCAD account tools
Faculty & StaffExisting MySCAD username and employee-set passwordAccounts created by IT department; manage account through MySCAD

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