MySCAD is the student portal for Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) that provides access to important academic resources and information. With MySCAD, students can view course schedules, grades, financial aid status, make tuition payments, register for classes, and more. Accessing MySCAD requires students to use a direct secure login through the SCAD portal. This article will provide a step-by-step guide on how SCAD students can successfully access MySCAD using the direct secure portal.

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Prerequisites for Accessing MySCAD

Before logging into MySCAD, students need to complete the following prerequisites:

Obtain Student ID and Password

To access any SCAD portals and resources, students need to have their unique student ID number and password. This information is provided by the SCAD Technology Support Center upon enrollment. If students have not received or have lost this information, they need to contact the Support Center at 912-525-4567 to retrieve it.

Ensure Computer is Network-Ready

The device used to access MySCAD needs to be connected to the internet either through a wired or wireless network connection. For desktop users, connect the Ethernet cable to the network jack in the dorm room. For laptop users, connect to the SCAD secure wireless network.

Log into the SCAD Portal

Navigate to the SCAD portal webpage and enter the unique student ID and password. This is the gateway to all SCAD portals and resources.

Steps to Access MySCAD

Once all prerequisites are met, students can log into MySCAD by following these steps:

1. Visit the SCAD Portal

In a web browser, go to the main SCAD portal page. The URL is

2. Log In with Student ID and Password

On the portal home page, enter the unique student ID number and password. Then click “Log In”.

3. Access the MySCAD Link

After logging into the portal successfully, the main menu will appear. Click on the “MySCAD” link in the menu.

4. Arrive at the MySCAD Portal

This will open the MySCAD portal page. The student’s name and ID number will be shown at the top right to confirm access.

5. Explore MySCAD Resources

Students can now click on the various MySCAD links to view academic records, financial aid status, class schedule, tuition account, and more.

Key Resources Available on MySCAD

MySCAD grants access to a wide variety of student resources and information including:

  • Student Profile: View address, phone, email and other personal info on file.
  • Class Schedule: See enrolled courses with dates, times, locations.
  • Academic Records: Access grades, GPA, academic progress reports.
  • Tuition Account: Check real-time account balance, make payments.
  • Financial Aid: Check aid status, accept/decline awards.
  • Housing: See current housing assignment and meal plan.
  • Parking: Purchase parking pass, manage vehicle information.
  • Jobs & Internships: Search and apply for on-campus jobs, view referrals.

Important MySCAD Account Security Tips

To keep their MySCAD account and information safe, SCAD recommends students follow these guidelines:

  • Use a private computer – Only access MySCAD from a personal, password-protected computer. Avoid public computers.
  • Log out when finished – Always log out of MySCAD and close the browser when done.
  • Use strong passwords – Create a complex password with upper/lowercase letters, numbers and symbols.
  • Avoid forwarding emails – SCAD discourages forwarding school emails to outside accounts.
  • Watch for suspicious activity – Frequently change passwords and check MySCAD account for any unauthorized changes.
  • Use VPN when accessing off-campus – This provides a secure connection when accessing MySCAD away from SCAD’s network.

Accessing Other SCAD Portals

In addition to MySCAD, students can use the SCAD portal to access other useful resources including:

  • SCAD Job Portal – Search for on-campus student worker jobs, internships and local opportunities.
  • SCAD Email – Access the email account, calendar and contacts.
  • SCAD Compass – View news, events, directory listings and other campus information.
  • SCAD Museum – Get tickets, schedules and membership options for the art museum.
  • SCAD Writing Studio – Make appointments with writing mentors and tutors.
  • SCAD Libraries – Search databases, renew books, ask a librarian.


Accessing MySCAD gives students secure online access to their academics, finances, services and more through SCAD’s student portal. By logging into the portal with their student ID and password, students can conveniently access this wealth of resources anywhere, anytime. Following important account security guidelines will help keep private student information protected. The SCAD portal provides a gateway to other useful systems as well, further expanding student digital capabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MySCAD?

MySCAD is the online student portal used by Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) to provide students access to their academic records, course registration, payments, and more. It is accessed through the main SCAD portal login.

What information can I see in MySCAD?

In MySCAD you can view grades, GPA, current class schedule, tuition account balance, financial aid status, academic progress reports, on-campus housing assignment, meal plan, and more.

How do I reset my MySCAD password?

To reset your MySCAD password, visit the SCAD portal login page and click “Forgot Password”. You can then reset it by entering your student ID and answering security questions. Contact tech support if you need additional help.

Is the MySCAD portal secure?

Yes, SCAD uses industry standard security measures to protect all student data and portal access. Students should always logout when finished and avoid accessing MySCAD from public computers.

Can I access MySCAD from my phone?

Yes, the MySCAD portal is mobile-friendly and can be accessed from any device using the SCAD login. For optimal security, use your phone’s cellular connection rather than public WiFi.

Who do I contact for help with MySCAD access?

If you have trouble accessing MySCAD or have login issues, contact the SCAD Technology Support Center at 912-525-4567 or

Table: Key MySCAD Student Resources

Student ProfileView personal enrollment information on file with SCAD
Class ScheduleSee enrolled courses with dates, times, locations
Academic RecordsAccess grades, GPA, academic progress reports
Tuition AccountCheck real-time account balance, make payments
Financial AidCheck aid status, accept/decline awards
HousingSee current housing assignment and meal plan
ParkingPurchase parking pass, manage vehicle information
Jobs & InternshipsSearch for on-campus jobs, view referrals

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