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Welcome to the vibrant and dynamic world of MyUtampa University of Tampa! If you’re looking for a place where boundless opportunities meet exceptional education, then look no further. Nestled in the heart of sunny Florida, our university is more than just a campus; it’s an experience that will shape your future and ignite your passion for learning.

From state-of-the-art facilities to top-notch faculty, we have everything you need to thrive academically, socially, and personally. So buckle up as we take you on an exciting journey through the remarkable realm of MyUtampa University of Tampa – where dreams become reality!

Overview of the MyUTampa

MyUTampa is an online platform provided by the University of Tampa, designed to facilitate various aspects of student life and academic pursuits. It serves as a centralized hub for accessing course materials, grades, and schedules. Additionally, MyUTampa offers tools for communication with professors and peers, as well as resources for career development and campus events.

This user-friendly portal enhances the overall university experience by streamlining administrative tasks and providing valuable academic support. With a focus on convenience and accessibility, MyUTampa empowers students to thrive in their educational journey at the University of Tampa.

Overview of Academics and Student Life

The University of Tampa is a private university located in Tampa, Florida. It is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. The university offers more than 200 undergraduate and graduate degree programs, including arts and sciences, business, communications, education, engineering, health professions, law, nursing, and social work. The average class size is 20 students.

The University of Tampa has a student-to-faculty ratio of 15:1 and an average class size of 20 students. More than 80 percent of classes have fewer than 30 students. The university offers more than 200 undergraduate and graduate degree programs. The most popular majors include business administration, psychology, communication, biology, and criminal justice.

The University of Tampa is committed to providing a well-rounded education to its students. In addition to academic coursework, the university offers extracurricular activities such as clubs and organizations, intramural sports, and cultural events.

There are more than 100 student organizations on campus, including Greek life fraternities and sororities. The university also has an active athletics program, with 17 NCAA Division II teams in 11 sports.

Virtual Tour of the University of Tampa

The University of Tampa is located in the heart of downtown Tampa, just minutes from the city’s best restaurants, shopping and nightlife. Our campus is also adjacent to the Riverwalk, a 2.4-mile pedestrian path along the Hillsborough River.

The University of Tampa has been recognized as one of the “most beautiful campuses” in the country by The Princeton Review and our students enjoy a dynamic and diverse community. With more than 200 student organizations and 17 NCAA Division II athletic teams, there are plenty of ways to get involved on campus.

Our faculty are experts in their field and our small class sizes mean you’ll get personal attention and mentorship throughout your academic career. As a UT student, you’ll have access to state-of-the-art facilities, including a new science center, an art gallery, a performing arts center, and much more.

We invite you to explore our virtual tour and see for yourself what makes the University of Tampa such a special place to learn, live, and grow.

Benefits of Attending MyUTampa

There are many benefits of attending the University of Tampa, including:

  • A smaller campus size that allows for a more personal and intimate educational experience
  • Beautiful weather year-round, which lends itself to an enjoyable college experience
  • A variety of degree programs that can lead to successful career paths
  • An active and engaged student body that participates in many campus activities and organizations
  • A faculty committed to teaching and providing valuable feedback to students
  • Generous scholarships and financial aid opportunities that make UT affordable for many students

Financial Aid Options for Students

There are a variety of financial aid options available for students attending the University of Tampa. These include federal and state grants, loans, and scholarships.

  • Federal Grants: Federal grants are need-based awards that do not have to be repaid. Students may be eligible for grants such as the Pell Grant, Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG), or Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) Grant.
  • State Grants: State grants are also need-based awards that do not have to be repaid. Students attending the University of Tampa may be eligible for state grant programs such as the Florida Student Assistance Grant (FSAG) or the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program.
  • Loans: Loans must be repaid with interest and are not based on financial need. There are two types of federal student loans available: Direct Subsidized Loans and Direct Unsubsidized Loans. Students may also borrow from private lenders such as banks or credit unions.
  • Scholarships: Scholarships are awards that do not have to be repaid and can come from a variety of sources, including the government, businesses, nonprofit organizations, or colleges and universities. Scholarships may be based on financial need, academic merit, or a combination of both.

Supportive Resources at MyUTampa

MyUTampa provides a wealth of supportive resources tailored to enhance the academic and personal growth of students at the University of Tampa. These include:

  • Course Management: Access to syllabi, assignments, and grades, streamlining the learning process.
  • Communication Tools: Email and messaging features for seamless interaction with professors and peers.
  • Library Services: Online access to a vast array of scholarly resources, journals, and databases.
  • Academic Advising: Guidance on course selection, major requirements, and academic planning.
  • Career Services: Job postings, resume building, and interview preparation for future success.
  • Student Organizations: A platform to explore and join various clubs, fostering a sense of community.
  • Event Calendars: Stay informed about campus events, workshops, and seminars.

Overall, MyUTampa serves as a comprehensive platform to ensure students have the tools and support they need to excel in their academic pursuits and make the most of their university experience.


The University of Tampa offers a wide variety of academic and extracurricular opportunities for its students. From rigorous academics to top-notch athletics, the university provides an environment that encourages exploration and growth.

With its beautiful campus, diverse student body, and commitment to excellence in everything they do, UTampa is definitely worth considering when choosing your next college destination!


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