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Preparing for exams on the MyTCCTrack student portal at Tarrant County College District (TCCD) is key to succeeding in your courses and program. With some planning and review, you can feel confident when test day arrives. This guide covers all the major steps to get you exam-ready using the tools and resources within MyTCCTrack exams and TCCD more broadly.

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MyTCCTrack acts as your one-stop student portal at TCCD. Through it, you can register for courses, track your degree plan progress, take practice tests, access study resources, view important dates, communicate with professors, and much more. With some forethought into building your schedule, utilizing prep resources, and mapping out studying, you’ll be prepped to excel on any exams that come your way.

Log Into MyTCCTrack and Schedule Courses

The first steps are accessing MyTCCTrack and laying the groundwork by scheduling courses.

To start, log into your MyTCCTrack account using your TCCD credentials. On the homepage, you can search and register for upcoming courses in the Continuing Education (CE) term, based on availability and prerequisites. Be sure to thoroughly review the course syllabus once enrolled to understand exam formats, due dates, and weighting.

Additionally, map out courses for the semester based on your degree plan and program requirements, which you can view in the Student Planning section. This helps ensure you take all mandatory courses in the proper sequence.

Review Key Dates and Register for Classes

With courses selected, officially register for each one online through the MyTCCTrack Student Planning portal. Registration occurs on a first-come, first-served basis, so check the TCCD academic calendar within MyTCCTrack for precise dates and deadlines for registration.

TCCD academic calendar with important registration dates highlighted

Take note of beginnings and ends of sessions, withdrawal deadlines, and days the college campus may be closed. Mark your personal calendar accordingly with your own exam dates and assignments timelines for easy reference.

Complete Pre-Assessments

Certain programs and courses require entrance assessments to enroll. Examples include English or Math class prerequisites. In this case, you’ll need to complete the Texas Success Initiative Assessment (TSIA) for placement purposes.

Reach out to success coaches, career advisors, or dual credit coordinators through MyTCCTrack for a TSI referral or general advice. You must first finish the TSIA Pre-Assessment Activity through College Board to qualify for the full exam. Be sure to designate Tarrant County College as your institution.

Utilize Degree Planning and Tracking

At any time, access your customized degree plan through the MyTCCTrack Student Planning portal. This details all courses completed, in progress, and still needed to obtain your certificate or degree. It also allows you to model different course sequence scenarios as you plan out future semesters.

Use the degree plan as your guiding document for structuring out long-term studies. Refer to it regularly when selecting classes to ensure they align with program requirements and build towards graduation. The system tracks your overall progress and updates automatically as you register for and complete course credits.

Leverage Test Prep Resources

TCCD offers tailored test prep programs to help prepare for major college entrance and placements exams, including:

  • TSI Assessment
  • SAT
  • ACT

The TCCD Testing Center provides informational materials on each exam, offers on-site practice tests, and holds prep workshops focused on testing strategies and content review. This helps equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel on test day. Investing time in these prep resources can make a major difference in your scores and subsequent course placements.


Preparing for exams on MyTCCTrack starts well before test day itself. Following the best practices around scheduling courses in line with your degree plan requirements, adhering to important deadlines, completing any pre-assessments, and leveraging prep resources will help instill confidence when it’s time to demonstrate your abilities. Stay organized, get support when needed from success coaches, and stick to a study plan that works for your learning style. With the proper diligence and preparation, you’ll be ready to excel on exams administered through the MyTCCTrack student portal at Tarrant County College District.

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