Missouri A+ Scholarship ExamsMissouri A+ Scholarship Exams

The Missouri A+ Scholarship exams, program provides an exciting opportunity for high school students in Missouri to earn funding toward an associate degree or post-secondary vocational/technical training. However, students must meet several requirements during high school to become eligible. Understanding these criteria and developing effective preparation strategies is key to qualifying for the valuable A+ Scholarship funds.

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Eligibility Criteria for the Missouri A+ Scholarship exams

To qualify for the Missouri A+ Scholarship exams, students must:

·        Attend an A+ designated high school for 2 years prior to graduation

·        Graduate with an overall GPA of 2.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale

·        Maintain at least a 95% attendance record in high school

·        Complete 50 hours of unpaid tutoring or mentoring

·        Achieve required ACT math subscore and high school GPA

·        Be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident

·        Complete the FAFSA financial aid application

·        Uphold good citizenship and avoid alcohol/drugs

·        Enroll in an eligible Missouri college within 48 months of graduation

·        Make reasonable efforts to secure federal financial aid

·        Actively pursue a degree and maintain a 2.0 college GPA

Meeting these A+ participant requirements demonstrates a commitment to academic success and community service.

Key Steps to Prepare for the Missouri A+ Scholarship exams

Students aiming to become eligible for the A+ Scholarship program should develop preparation strategies early in high school. Here are some key recommended actions:

Enroll in an A+ Designated High School

·         Research local schools in Missouri that carry the A+ designation

·         Speak with counselors about transferring into an A+ high school

Maintain Academic Performance

·         Strive for a minimum 2.5 GPA throughout high school

·         Limit absences to meet 95% attendance goal

·         Take challenging courses like honors, AP classes

Prepare for Standardized Tests

·         Take the ACT no later than 11th grade year

·         Achieve minimum ACT math subscore

·         Set a target combined ACT and GPA score

Complete Tutoring/Mentoring Hours

·         Arrange tutoring sessions in academic subjects

·         Explore job shadowing opportunities

·         Track service hours throughout high school

Apply for Financial Aid

·         Submit the FAFSA by priority deadlines

·         Research other relevant scholarships/grants

Carefully planning and documenting progress toward these key benchmarks will lead to fruitful A+ Scholarship eligibility.

Effective Test Prep Strategies for the ACT

Among the Missouri A+ Scholarship exams requirements is achieving certain ACT benchmark scores. Preparing effectively for the ACT exams is therefore critical. Here are some proven test prep tips:

Get Familiar with ACT Content and Format

·         Review ACT test sections, timing, scoring

·         Take ACT practice tests to build familiarity

Brush Up on Key Academic Skills

·         English – grammar, rhetorical skills, editing

·         Math – arithmetic, algebra, geometry, statistics/probability

·         Reading – comprehension, analysis

·         Science – scientific analysis, interpretation of data

Learn Test-Taking Strategies

·         Pace yourself to finish all questions

·         Read passages strategically

·         Eliminate incorrect answer choices

·         Guess logically when unsure of an answer

Simulate Testing Conditions

·         Take practice tests timed and uninterrupted

·         Get accustomed to test instructions/interface

Following these methods when preparing for the ACT will lead to higher scores and improved chances of meeting the A+ Scholarship testing requirements.

Maintaining Eligibility Once Enrolled

If A+ Scholarship requirements are successfully met in high school, funds can be used to earn an associate degree or career certificate at an eligible Missouri post-secondary institution. However, certain obligations continue in college:

Enroll Within 48 Months of Graduation

·         Students have 4 years after graduating high school to utilize Missouri A+ Scholarship exams funds

Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress

·         Sustain a minimum 2.0 GPA in college courses

·         Adhere to completion rate and pace of progression standards

Make Reasonable Efforts for Financial Aid

·         Renew FAFSA application each year

·         Apply for relevant grants, loans, work-study

By continuing to meet academic and financial aid expectations in college, students can fully capitalize on the A+ Scholarship opportunity.


The Missouri A+ Scholarship exams Program provides Missouri high school students a pathway toward funding post-secondary education and training. By proactively meeting eligibility requirements in high school and continuing obligations once enrolled in college, this scholarship opportunity offers meaningful financial support. Using effective test preparation strategies for standardized exams as well as upholding academic and personal conduct standards are vital for qualification. With proper diligence, planning, and responsible effort, the A+ Scholarship can make earning a degree or certificate truly affordable.

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