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Delhi SoSE Admission 2023 (Class 9 registration has begun): The online registration link for Delhi SoSE admission 2023–24 is currently operational. To register, eligible candidates must go to

The number of schools of Specialized Excellence (SoSE) in Delhi increased by ten during the most recent academic year. These educational institutions are all connected to the Delhi Board of School Education (DBSE). Students will be admitted based on their achievement in the Delhi SoSE 2023 aptitude test.

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), Humanities, High-End 21st Century Skills, Performing and Visual Arts, and Armed Forces Preparatory School are the five categories of Schools of Specialized Excellence.

SOSE Admission Form 2023-24:

The Users can fill out the Form of SoSE from the Link that we have provided here. Their steps for filling up the form are given below:

  • Go to the URL for Filling out the Admission Form
  • The Users will need to Fill out the Form for ASOSE Admission Test.
  • If you are a New or First Time User, you will need to click on the Link with the title “Click Here for New Registration,” If you are an old user, then the Link is for you guys.
  • There you will need to enter your Registration ID.
  • Then enter your Password.
  • After that, you must enter the Verification Text from the Image below.
  • The Verification that the code you enter is Case Sensitive.
  • Click on the “Sign In” button at the end.

SOSE Admission 2023 Eligibility:

The Age Qualification for Class 9 is age above 13 but less than 15 years, and for Students of Class 11 is above 15 years but less than 17 years. The Educational Qualification for the acceptance includes the STEM Eligibility Criteria, Humanities Eligibility Criteria, Performing & Visual Arts, High-End 21st Century Skills, and Armed Forces Preparatory Schools (AFPS).

SOSE School Entrance Exam Result 2022:

SOSE Outcome 2022 On March 26, 27, and 28, 2022, students who want to attend Excellence School must take a written exam in a roomy fairway. Therefore, all the students put in a lot of effort to study for this test. Students in grades 9 through 11 should take this exam. You can only enroll in this class if you do well on this test, which is the only requirement.

You need to pass the test to enroll in college. Many students have already used the internet to apply for admission to SOSE in 2022. The number of applicants for access to SOSE was high again this year. Officials in Delhi will have a meeting on March 26, 27, and 28, 2022.

Download the SoSE Public Circular:

  • Link for SoSE Public Circular – Download 


Thank you for reading the Article. Furthermore, If you need help with the SoSE Admission Process, then let us know in the comment section, so we can help you before the Process is over.

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How can I get admission to SoSE?

STEM Qualification Criteria

Admission would be given to 50% of Delhi Government School pupils. Students must have earned at least 60% in class 7 to qualify for class 9. Candidates from the SC/ST/OBC categories would receive a 5% relaxation. Students must have earned at least 75% in class 9 to be eligible for class 11.

What is the SoSE exam?

Admission to the School of Specialized Excellence in 2022–2023 FOR CLASSES 9–11 | Information on the SOSE Entrance Exam.

How can I get admission to SoSE school in Delhi?

Students can apply at if they wish to enroll in the SoSEs associated with the Delhi Board of School Education (DBSE).

How many students applied for SoSE 2022?

More than 55000 Students have applied for the SoSE in 2022.

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