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How Students Get MyUAlbany exams Time Tables at the University at Albany for Classes, and More


For students at the University at Albany, having access to accurate and up-to-date timetables is essential for organizing classes, studying, myualbany exam, and other activities. The university provides students with a tool called the Schedule Planner through the MyUAlbany student portal to help generate personalized schedules each semester. This article will explain how to use the Schedule Planner and where to find additional timetables for classes, final exams, deadlines, and more academic schedules at UAlbany.

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Accessing the myualbany exam Schedule Planner

The Schedule Planner is available through the MyUAlbany student portal. It allows students to input their course selections, breaks, extracurricular activities, work schedules, and other time commitments. Based on these selections, the Schedule Planner generates possible schedule options optimized to the student’s individual needs.

To access the Schedule Planner tool:

  1. Go to the MyUAlbany login page and sign in using your NetID and password.
  2. In the Academics tab, go to the Enrollment Tools section and click on “Schedule Planner”.
  3. Select the appropriate term (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer). The Schedule Planner will open allowing you to add courses and breaks.

Adding Courses

To add courses to your schedule using the planner:

  1. Click “+Add Course” and search for courses by department, course code, Gen Ed category etc.
  2. Select the specific section for each course you want to add.
  3. Once selected, the course will appear on the right side in your “Selected Courses” list.
  4. When finished adding courses, click “Done”.

Adding courses in the myualbany exam Schedule Planner

Adding Breaks

The Schedule Planner allows students to block off times during the week for activities, jobs, meals, etc. using “Breaks”:

  1. Click “+Add Break” to add a new break.
  2. Enter a description (e.g. Work, Lunch) and select the days/times.
  3. Click “Save” and the break will appear in your list on the right.
  4. Add additional breaks as needed using the “+Add Break” option again.

Adding breaks for activities in the MyUAlbany Schedule Planner

Generating Schedule Options

Once you have added courses and breaks:

  1. Click “Generate Schedules” at the top right.
  2. The system will populate a list of suggested schedule options based on your selections.
  3. Review the options and select your preferred schedule.
  4. Finish enrolling in the selected courses.

Using the Schedule Planner effectively allows you to have control over your personalized class schedule each semester at UAlbany.

Finding Class and myualbany exam Schedules

In addition to the student-generated schedules using the Schedule Planner, the University at Albany provides access to view-only academic schedules and calendars. These are available on the Calendars & Schedules page on the UAlbany website.

Class Schedules

  • The “Schedule of Classes” provides a searchable list of all courses offered in a given semester, including days, times, locations, instructors etc. This allows students to browse available courses before adding them to their Schedule Planner.
  • The “Calendars page contains downloadable Academic Calendars for the current and future semesters. These list major academic dates and deadlines.

Exam Schedules

UAlbany also publishes examination schedules each semester:

Having an awareness of these standard academic schedules and calendars can help students plan their personalized schedules effectively around institutional deadlines and events.


Using the MyUAlbany Schedule Planner, myualbany exam students can conveniently build customized class timetables matched to their individual academic and personal needs each semester. By also leveraging the published schedule of classes, exam policies, academic calendars and other timetables, students can make informed registration decisions while meeting university deadlines. Taking advantage of these available scheduling tools results in organized, stress-reduced semesters for students.

Summary Table

Schedule TypeDescriptionLocation
Schedule PlannerStudent-generated schedule builder allowing course/break selectionsMyUAlbany Academics > Enrollment Tools
Schedule of ClassesSearchable list of all courses offered in a semesterUAlbany Schedule of Classes
Academic CalendarsMajor academic dates/deadlines by semesterUAlbany Calendars Page
Final Exam Policy & ScheduleFinal exam blocks by day/time based on class schedulesUAlbany Final Exam Page
Initial Scheduling Dates & DeadlinesOverview of key dates for in-person/online classes and examsUAlbany Scheduling Dates Page

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