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The Student portal DISD (Donna Independent School District) Student Portal Application provides students an easy way to access their academic information and resources online. This innovative platform allows students to view their schedules, grades, assignments, attendance records and much more all in one convenient digital location. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore everything you need to know about the DISD Student Portal Application.

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An Introduction to the DISD Student Portal

The DISD Student Portal is a one-stop shop for students to manage their academic lives. Developed by the Donna Independent School District, the platform allows middle and high school students to access their records and interact with school data. While parents can obtain some information through a separate parent portal, the student portal is specifically designed for student usage.

Some key features of the DISD Student Portal include:

  • Class schedules
  • Current grades and grade history
  • Assignment descriptions, due dates and grades
  • Attendance records and tardy details
  • Standardized test history
  • Graduation status and requirements
  • Fee balances
  • Demographic data

By centralizing all this information into a single online platform, the DISD Student Portal enables students to fully control their progress. Students can log in anytime, from anywhere, to stay informed and up-to-date.

The portal is fully mobile responsive, so all features and functions are accessible on smartphones and tablets in addition to laptop and desktop computers. This flexibility empowers students to monitor grades, assignments and attendance on-the-go.

Logging In to the DISD Student Portal

Logging into the DISD Student Portal is a straightforward process that can be completed in just a few steps:

  1. Go to the DISD Student Portal URL:
  2. Enter your personalized login credentials:
  3. Username: Student ID number
  4. Password: Default password is first name initial, last name initial and birthdate (MMDDYYYY)
  5. Read and accept the acceptable use policy
  1. You will then be directed to the DISD Student Portal homepage where you can access all available features

If this is your first time logging in, it is highly recommended to change your password for enhanced security. This can be done under the “My Account” tab.

If you misplace or forget your login credentials, you will need to contact your school to retrieve them. For security purposes, DISD staff cannot look up or reset student passwords.

Key Features of the DISD Student Portal

The DISD Student Portal empowers students to take control over their academic journey. Here are some of the most important features and how they benefit students:

Class Schedules

Under the “Schedule” tab, students can view and print their current class schedule. Having instant access to your schedule helps stay organized and ensures you know where you need to be throughout the school day. The schedule displays the time, teacher name, room number and location for each class.

Grades and Assignments

Students can monitor their academic performance through the “Grades and Attendance” tab. Here they can view assignment descriptions, due dates, scores and grading breakdowns for each class. Students can also see their current grades and grade history over each semester and school year.

Reviewing this information enables students to keep track of completed assignments, identify missing work and better understand their current grade status in each class. It also allows students to pinpoint areas for improvement.

Attendance Records

Along with grades, the “Grades and Attendance” tab provides comprehensive attendance records. Students can check how many absences and tardies they have accumulated in each class period or throughout the day.

Monitoring attendance enables students to avoid chronic absenteeism which can negatively impact academic success. It also promotes responsibility and accountability.

Standardized Test Scores

Under the “Test Scores” tab, students can look up their standardized test results. These include national and state exams like STAAR and district-wide assessments. Scores are available for the current year plus previous years for comparison.

Reviewing test scores lets students track their performance year-over-year across core subjects like math, reading and science. Students can use this data to set goals and benchmark growth.

Academic Planning

Through the DISD Student Portal, high school students can plan for the future by monitoring graduation requirements and progress. The “Graduation” tab displays:

  • Required and completed credits
  • Performance on state assessments
  • Ongoing GPA
  • Class rank

This information keeps students on track towards successful graduation and college readiness. The Student Portal also includes college application deadlines and details on available scholarships.

Fee Balances

Under the “Fees” tab, students and families can review fee balances for textbook rental, athletics, parking permits, AP exams and other school dues. Being able to monitor balances owed enables timely payment and avoids unnecessary penalties.

Demographic Updates

Students and parents can submit updates to contact information like phone numbers and home addresses through the Student Portal. Keeping this demographic data current ensures effective communication from teachers and the school district.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about the DISD Student Portal:

What web browser is best to use for the Student Portal?

The DISD Student Portal works on most major web browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge. For the best experience, using the most updated version of your preferred browser is recommended.

Is the Student Portal mobile friendly?

Yes, the DISD Student Portal is fully mobile responsive. All features and functions can be accessed on smartphones and tablets in addition to computers.

I forgot my DISD Student Portal password. How can I reset it?

For security reasons, DISD staff cannot look up or reset student passwords. You will need to contact your school administrator directly to retrieve your password. Bring a photo ID to verify your identity.

Is there a separate parent portal?

Yes, DISD provides a Parent Portal with some overlapping information from the Student Portal. However, the Student Portal offers additional features tailored specifically for students. Parents cannot access the full DISD Student Portal.

Can I access the DISD Student Portal anywhere wi-fi is available?

Yes, you can log into the Student Portal using any device that connects to the internet, whether on school grounds or off campus. This enables you to monitor your academic progress from anywhere.

Who should I contact for technical issues with the Student Portal?

If you experience technical difficulties using the DISD Student Portal, inform your school’s front office. You can also submit a help desk request through the portal by clicking “Help” in the top right corner of the screen.


The DISD Student Portal is an invaluable tool that puts students in the driver’s seat of their academic journey. By providing real-time access to schedules, grades, attendance records, and planning resources, this online platform enables students to take control of their education. Checking the Student Portal regularly helps students stay on track for success from middle through high school. Maximizing the many features of the DISD Student Portal leads to improved responsibility, productivity and outcomes for students

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