Study For United States Naval Academy ExamsStudy For United States Naval Academy Exams

Getting accepted to the prestigious Study For United States Naval Academy Exams in Annapolis, Maryland is an incredibly competitive process. The Academy accepts only about 8% of applicants each year. Earning admission requires diligent preparation, both academically and physically. If your goal is to attend this top military academy, you’ll need to study hard and showcase your academic, athletic, and leadership abilities.

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Use the following tips and techniques to help prepare for the challenging USNA admissions process:

Maintain Strong Grades in College Prep Courses

The Study For United States Naval Academy Exams wants candidates who have challenged themselves academically. They expect applicants to have taken honors, Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), or Cambridge (AICE) courses whenever possible.

Aim to achieve at least a 3.5 unweighted high school GPA. You’ll need As and Bs in classes like:

  • Math (through pre-calculus or calculus)
  • Lab sciences like biology, chemistry, and physics
  • English/literature
  • History/social sciences
  • Foreign languages

Don’t just coast through easy electives. Loading up on difficult courses like calculus and physics shows the Academy you’re ready for their demanding curriculum.

Compete in Athletics

The Study For United States Naval Academy Exams wants midshipmen who are physically prepared for the rigors of military training. Strive to play at least one sport for multiple seasons in high school. Sports like football, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, swimming, track and field, and wrestling are great options.

Earning a varsity letter demonstrates your athletic dedication. Captaining a team highlights your leadership skills too. If you can compete at the regional or state level, even better.

Staying active in intramural sports, fitness training, or recreational athletics can also help. The key is showing a commitment to physical fitness and teamwork.

Lead Activities and Volunteer

Study For United States Naval Academy Exams students need to excel at leading groups of peers.

Seek out leadership positions like:

  • Captain of athletic teams
  • President of student government, clubs, or honor societies
  • Drum major in band
  • Leading a volunteer organization

Look for ways to assist your community through volunteering too.

Some ideas are:

  • Tutoring or mentoring youth
  • Working at a food bank
  • Participating in community cleanups
  • Volunteering at 5K races or fundraisers

Sharing these experiences in your application essays provides compelling examples of your leadership and service.

Take Standardized Exams Early and Often

You’ll need to submit ACT and/or SAT scores to apply to USNA. It’s smart to start taking these exams in your junior year of high school. Ideally, take them for the first time in December or January.

This allows time to retake them multiple times before application deadlines. With each attempt, you can typically raise your scores. Some tips:

  • Use online practice tests to prep
  • Take in-person prep courses
  • Retake exams until you meet USNA’s mid-range scores
  • Submit your best scores (you choose which attempts to send)

For ACT, aim for composite scores of 26-31. For SAT, target scores between 570-660 on Evidence-Based Reading and Writing and between 570-660 on Math.

Complete Summer Seminar

Attending the USNA’s Summer Seminar program after your junior year is highly recommended. At this weeklong immersive event, you’ll experience firsthand what being a midshipman is like.

You’ll live in Bancroft Hall, take workshop classes, and participate in military drills, intramurals, and leadership training. Completing Seminar boosts your chances of gaining an appointment.

Apply Early

You’ll need to submit several parts of your USNA application at different times:

OctoberNovember of senior year: Submit candidate kit, including essays, teacher recommendations, and transcripts.
DecemberJanuary: Complete a preliminary application.
FebruaryApril: Interview with Blue & Gold Officer.

Submitting your main essay and information early (October-November) improves your chances, as the Academy processes these “rolling admission” files first.

Meeting early deadlines also gives time to submit any missing items. Don’t wait until the last minute!

Tabulate Study Hours

Managing your time wisely is key to succeeding on USNA exams while keeping up your grades, athletics, and activities. Use the chart below to calculate your weekly study hours:

CourseHours to StudyCompleted Hours
Foreign Language

Aim for at least 12-15 hours per week. Adjust based on your progress and comprehension. Don’t forget to schedule time to relax and recharge as well.

Utilize Resources

Take advantage of test prep materials tailored to Study For United States Naval Academy Exams like:

  • – Offers a math prep course to get ready for USNA placement tests. Brush up on pre-calculus and calculus skills.
  • Academy Insight – Provides SAT/ACT video lessons, practice tests, and other study guides.
  • USNA Admissions Site – Details the application process and offers sample essay prompts to practice.

Also create study guides for yourself covering English grammar rules, mathematical formulas, science concepts, and vocabulary. Having these quick references handy makes reviewing easier.

Stay Organized

Getting organized can reduce your stress while studying for Study For United States Naval Academy Exams:

  • Record test dates and prep task deadlines on a calendar
  • Keep class and textbook notes organized in notebooks or on your computer
  • Write down questions and keywords to look up later
  • Take study breaks to go for a walk, exercise, or listen to music

Staying structured helps maximize your limited preparation time.


The Study For United States Naval Academy Exams represents one of the top educational opportunities in the country. Gaining admission requires exceptional diligence academically, athletically, and as a leader.

Use these tips to help tailor your high school studies toward USNA preparation. Taking challenging courses, competing in sports, volunteering in the community, acing standardized tests, and attending Summer Seminar will put you on the path to Annapolis. Stay focused, work hard, and continue strengthening your abilities, and you’ll prove you have what it takes to join the USNA Class of 2028.

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