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The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) conducts the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) for secondary school students in West African countries including Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. The exam body releases the time table for the examinations about 3 months before the exams commence.

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The WAEC time table contains important details like exam dates, paper codes, session times, and duration for every subject. It enables students to adequately prepare for the major external examination. As a candidate, you need to download or view the time table to know the structure and plan towards excelling in the exam. This article provides step-by-step guidance on how to download or view the WAEC time table.


The WAEC time table is a very important document that every candidate needs to have. It contains the order of papers and specific information on all the subjects you will write. With the time table, you can effectively create a prep time table to cover all topics for your exams.

Here are some key reasons you need to download/view the WAEC time table:

  • Know the date and session your papers will be written
  • Identify clashes in papers and make the necessary adjustments
  • Begin preparation early enough for each paper
  • Allocate sufficient time to study for each subject
  • Identify your areas of strength and weakness
  • Seek assistance where you have difficulties

This article provides simple guidelines to view or download the official WAEC time table for your exams.

How to Download WAEC Time table

To get your copy of the official WAEC time table, simply follow these steps:

  1. Visit the WAEC website – Go to www.waecdirect.org, then navigate to the Time table section
  2. Select your exam year – Choose your exam year. For instance, select 2023 for the 2023 WASSCE.
  3. Select your country – Choose your country. If you are in Nigeria, select Nigeria.
  4. Download time table – Click the Download icon beside your country/exam details to download the PDF time table.
  5. View time table – You can also view the time table on the website page by clicking View instead of Download.

Once you download, save the PDF time table properly on your device. You can also print it out for easy accessibility.

Key Details on The WAEC Time table

The WAEC time table contains the following key information:

  • Exam start and end dates
  • Day/date for each paper
  • Paper code
  • Paper session – Morning (AM) or Afternoon (PM)
  • Duration of papers

Refer to the example time table below:

Day/DateSubjectPaper CodeSessionDuration
Fri, 28th AprilFinancial Accounting203PM2hrs 30mins
Mon, 1st MayPhysics 1231AM3hrs
Wed, 3rd MayBiology 2242PM1hr

You need to take note of the exact duration for both theory and practical papers as this varies based on the subject.

Also note key instructions provided for specific papers. For example, some papers require you report to the exam venue 30 minutes earlier than the stated time.

The guidelines above demonstrate how to conveniently download or view the WAEC time table from the official website. Ensure to obtain your own copy and use it to plan effectively towards scoring excellent grades.

How to Use The Time table for Prep

With the official time table now available, you need to develop a strategic plan and preparation timeline. Here is a step-by-step guide:

  1. Take note of difficult subjects – Highlight papers you find most difficult and allocate more time to them.
  2. Create a study plan – Make a schedule indicating what topics to cover each day/week for each subject.
  3. Focus on past questions – Devote time to working on WAEC past questions specifically on areas you struggle with.
  4. Attempt practice tests – Simulate the real exam environment and attempt full practice tests with time measurement.
  5. Review mistakes – Identify mistakes and knowledge gaps from your attempts and revise those areas properly.
  6. Final touches – Do general review of notes, revisions and corrections in the last week before exams.

Using the time table strategically minimizes clashes with other activities and helps visualization of a realistic timeline for covering the entire WASSCE syllabus before D-day.


Having the WAEC time table well in advance enables you to study hard and smart by planning your daily/weekly schedule properly. Simply follow the guidelines provided above to download your own copy from the WAEC website. With the time table in hand, you can then create an effective prep plan and allocate time and resources wisely towards excelling in your WASSCE exams. Best of luck!

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