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Download WAEC Timetable for School Candidates May/June 2024


The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) conducts examinations for school candidates in West African countries, including Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Gambia, and Liberia. The examinations are held in May/June and November/December each year.

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The timetable is an important document that guides candidates on the dates, times, sessions and duration of papers in the forthcoming examinations. It enables adequate preparation and helps avoid examination malpractices that may arise from clashes of papers or sessions.

This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to download the WAEC timetable for school candidates that will be writing the May/June 2024 examinations.

When is the Timetable Released?

The WAEC timetable for the May/June examinations is usually released around March or April, about two months before the exams begin. Candidates are advised to expect the release of the 2024 timetable between March and April 2024.

The timetable is published on the official WAEC website as soon as it is ready. Candidates should therefore visit the website frequently after February 2024 to check for updates.

Where to Download the Timetable

The official website of WAEC (www.waecdirect.org) is the most trusted source for getting authentic exam timetables. Once it is released, candidates can follow these steps:

  1. Visit www.waecdirect.org
  2. Click on “Students” section
  3. Select your country
  4. Navigate to “Timetable” link.
  5. Click on “Download” button beside May/June 2024 timetable.

Alternatively, candidates can check on the official website of the WAEC office in their country or visit an accredited WAEC registration center closest to them when the timetable is out.

Key Details in the Timetable

The WAEC timetable contains important details that guide a candidate’s preparation. Some key details to look out for are:

  • Dates for papers in the different subjects
  • Start and end time for each paper
  • Duration of each paper
  • Sessions – Morning or Afternoon

See a sample outline of details in the timetable below:

DateEnglish LanguagePaper 1 (Objective)Start – End TimeMorning<br>1hr 30mins
DateEnglish LanguagePaper 2 (Essay)Start – End TimeMorning<br>2hrs 30mins

Why Download the Timetable?

There are important reasons why candidates should download the official WAEC timetable for May/June 2024 when it is released:

  1. Avoid Clashes: The timetable helps the candidate map out the dates and sessions for each paper and prevent clashes with other papers
  2. Proper Planning: It enables effective preparation when candidates know the specific details of each paper in advance.
  3. Prevent Malpractices: Following the schedule prevents examination irregularities that could lead to cancellation of results.
  4. Reduce Stress: Candidates feel more relaxed and confident when they follow the official schedule for examinations.

How to Prepare with the Timetable

To take full advantage of the WAEC timetable, candidates should:

  • Study diligently according to the time allotted for each paper from the timetable.
  • Obtain past question papers to practice with.
  • Stick to the dates and times indicated for each paper
  • Have required materials ready a day before each paper
  • Get adequate rest in preparation for the next paper


The WAEC timetable contains essential information to guide candidates sitting for the May/June 2024 examinations. Candidates should download it as soon as it is released around March-April 2024 on www.waecdirect.org. They should then use the timetable to adequately prepare for each paper and avoid examination malpractices. This will help achieve the best possible outcome in their WAEC exams.

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