university of michigan acceptance rateuniversity of michigan acceptance rate


The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor is one of the top public universities in the United States, renowned for its academic excellence, research output, and student experience. As a highly selective school, the University of Michigan acceptance rate is an important data point for prospective applicants to consider as they evaluate their chances of admission.

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For the freshman class entering in Fall 2023, the University of Michigan acceptance rate dropped to 17.7% – indicating that fewer than 1 in 5 applicants were offered admission. While an exact acceptance rate for 2024 is not yet available, it is expected to remain highly competitive at around 20% for international applicants.

This article provides an overview of the University of Michigan’s estimated 2024 acceptance rate and the key admission requirements incoming freshmen should be aware of – from academic scores to extracurricular involvement. We also outline some tips for applicants to strengthen their candidacy when applying to this selective public Ivy League institution.

University of Michigan 2024 Acceptance Rate – What to Expect

As a top-ranked public university that receives over 65,000 applications per year, the University of Michigan has maintained an exceptionally selective admission process over the past decade.

While an exact acceptance rate for 2024 is not explicitly stated, the acceptance rate in 2023 gives us a good indication of what to expect for the upcoming application cycle:

  • 2023 acceptance rate: 17.7%
  • Expected 2024 acceptance rate: Around 20% for international applicants

The University of Michigan does not have an early decision admissions process, but it does have an early action program with a November 1 deadline.

Applicants who wish to know their decision earlier without making a binding commitment can apply early action, while regular decision applications are due February 1, 2024.

Admission Requirements – Academics, Testing, Extracurriculars

Students interested in attending the University of Michigan should be aware that simply meeting basic eligibility criteria will not guarantee admission.

To be a competitive applicant, you must excel across academics, testing, extracurricular activities, and other aspects of the application.


  • Rigorous course load: Admitted students typically exceed minimum requirements, taking multiple Honors, AP, IB higher-level courses.
  • GPA: The middle 50% of admitted students have a GPA between 3.7 and 4.0. The average admitted student GPA is 3.88.
  • Class rank: UMich does not consider applicant class rank.

Standardized Tests

  • Testing Optional 2024: SAT/ACT test scores are optional for 2024 entry. If submitted, competitive scores tend to be in the following ranges:
    • SAT: 1350-1530
    • ACT: 31-34
  • The middle 50% of enrolled students had a SAT score between 1370 and 1520.

Extracurricular Activities

Given the academic prowess expected of candidates, admissions officers also look for:

  • Passionate extracurricular engagement showing leadership and initiative
  • Meaningful community impact through volunteering, mentorship
  • Talent/achievements in athletics, arts, research, entrepreneurship

Application Deadlines & Fees

  • Early Action Deadline: November 1
  • Regular Decision Deadline: February 1
  • Application Fee: $75
  • Acceptance Notification: Late March

In addition to academic transcripts, test scores (optional), extracurricular/volunteer details and essays, the University of Michigan also requires:

  • 1-2 letters of recommendation
  • Short responses covering academic interests, extracurriculars, and more

Tips to Strengthen Your Application

Given the ultra-competitive nature of University of Michigan admissions, applicants should go above and beyond to showcase their candidacy starting early:

  • Rigorous coursework: Enroll in most challenging classes offered at your high school. Complete summer academic enrichment programs.
  • Standardized testing: Prepare extensively and aim for 90th percentile plus scores.
  • Demonstrate interest: Visit campus, attend university fairs, connect with current students/alumni from your area.
  • Letters of recommendation: Ask teachers who know you well and can speak in-depth about your abilities.
  • Essays: Craft a compelling personal statement that helps you stand out as an applicant. Maintain proper voice, flow and grammar.
  • Interviews: If offered an alumni interview option, prepare thoroughly and leverage this to strengthen your application.

With an acceptance rate likely around 20% for 2024, gaining admission to the University of Michigan takes thorough planning, concerted effort, and excellence across all aspects of your candidacy. By focusing on the areas above, you can maximize your potential for admission at this highly prestigious public university.


As a world-class public research institution that sees over 65,000 applicants for approximately 6,500 freshman seats, the University of Michigan offers an exceptionally selective admission process each application cycle.

For Fall 2024, the acceptance rate is expected to remain steady at around 20% for international applicants. While not explicitly stated yet, this competitive admission benchmark mirrors the 17.7% acceptance rate seen for Fall 2023.

To have a strong shot at joining UMich’s talented and diverse undergraduate class, prospective students must excel across challenging academics, standardized test scores, meaningful extracurriculars and all elements of the application.

By understanding the expected acceptance rate and key criteria that admissions officers prioritize, applicants can better evaluate their candidacy and take proactive steps to submit the most compelling application possible.


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2023 Acceptance Rate17.7%
Expected 2024 Acceptance Rate~20% International Students
Early Action DeadlineNovember 1
Regular Decision DeadlineFebruary 1
Average GPA of Admitted Students3.88
Middle 50% SAT Score Range1350-1530
Middle 50% ACT Score Range31-34
Application Fee$75

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