Study Nursing in Canada 2024-2025Study Nursing in Canada 2024-2025

Canada is globally recognized for its high-quality nursing programs and excellent healthcare system. With its cutting-edge facilities, diverse clinical opportunities, and strong job prospects, study nursing in canada 2024-2025 provides an ideal environment for international students looking to establish a rewarding career in nursing.

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Over the past decade, study nursing in canada 2024-2025 has seen a steady rise in international applications to its nursing programs. In 2022, international students made up nearly 30% of the total nursing student population in the country. This trend is expected to continue as Canada’s rapidly aging population drives the demand for qualified nurses.

Studying nursing in Canada offers international students world-class education, practical training, and a direct pathway to PR and citizenship. This article explores the key advantages of pursuing nursing in Canada along with requirements, top schools, and career prospects.

Key Advantages of Study Nursing in Canada 2024-2025

High-Quality Education

Canadian nursing schools are globally ranked for excellence in teaching and research. Their evidence-based curriculums are regularly updated to equip students with cutting-edge knowledge and competencies. Most nursing programs incorporate a balance of theoretical learning and hands-on clinical experience. Students also benefit from small class sizes and close instructor interaction.

State-of-the-Art Training

Clinical placements across hospitals, community health centers, and other facilities provide invaluable real-world experience. Nursing students get opportunities to interact with diverse patient groups while mastering technical skills using high-fidelity simulation labs and other advanced technologies.

Direct Pathway to PR

International nursing graduates can apply for permanent residency through express entry programs. Work experience gained from bridging programs and licensure exams gives additional points for PR eligibility. Most provinces also have Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) to retain immigrant nurses.

In-Demand Profession

Canada’s rapidly aging population and retirement of existing nurses is causing staff shortages across the healthcare sector. Nursing is already a high-demand field with over 200,000 job openings expected between 2019 and 2028 as per government estimates^. Excellent prospects await international graduates.

Competitive Salaries

As per the latest wage data, the average annual salary for registered nurses in Canada is $80,382 CAD nationally but goes up to $86,463 CAD in provinces like Alberta^. Nurses earn significantly higher wages in Canada compared to other countries.

Requirements for International Nursing Students

While requirements can vary between universities, international students need to fulfil the following eligibility criteria:

  • Completion of grade 12 or equivalent schooling with subjects such as biology, chemistry, mathematics etc.
  • Proof of English language proficiency through IELTS or other standardized tests
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Written statement of intent
  • Valid passport and student permit
  • Sufficient financial resources to cover tuition fees and living expenses

Some universities may also ask for relevant work experience or additional tests as part of their nursing program admissions.

Table 1 provides a comparison of popular undergraduate nursing programs, their durations, entry requirements and tuition costs per year for international students:

UniversityDurationAdmissions RequirementsApprox. Tuition (in CAD)
University of Toronto4 yearsIELTS 7.0 <br> Competitive grades$63,000
University of Alberta4 yearsIELTS 7.0 <br>Strong academics$27,000
McGill University3.5 yearsIELTS 6.5 <br> Well-rounded profile$23,000
McMaster University4 yearsIELTS 7.0 <br> Good grades$28,600
Dalhouise University4 yearsIELTS 7.0 <br> Academics + CASPer test$17,500

Top Nursing Schools in Canada

According to global rankings, Canada’s top nursing schools include:

1. University of Toronto

As Canada’s highest ranked nursing school, UofT offers an acclaimed 4-year BSc program covering all medical-surgical specialties. Students train across its network of partner hospitals like SickKids.

2. McGill University

The BScN program at McGill University is unique for its alternative medicine and global health nursing content. Students enjoy flexible placements across urban, rural and international settings.

3. University of British Columbia

UBC provides a stimulating learning environment with the option of an overseas exchange term. Graduates are highly sought-after in BC’s multicultural communities.

4. McMaster University

McMaster stands out for its revolutionary problem-based curriculum and emphasis on leadership capabilities. The program equips nurses to be drivers of change across the system.

5. University of Alberta

The UofA Faculty of Nursing is acclaimed for innovation and its Nursing Entrepreneurship and Innovation Hub promoting business and technology skills.

Several other universities also offer excellent BScN programs with co-op, online or accelerated options- University of Calgary, Western University, Queen’s University, University of Ottawa and more.

Career Prospects for Nursing Graduates

Nursing graduates from Canadian universities enjoy excellent job prospects and salaries. As per government estimates, Canada will require ~200,000 additional nurses by 2026 to meet its healthcare needs. The country actively recruits overseas nurses with initiatives like the Global Skills Strategy.

Nurses can qualify for well-paying jobs across settings like hospitals, physician clinics, aged care centers, community health agencies, and more.

As per PayScale data, average entry-level wages for nurses are:

  • Registered Nurses: $55,000 CAD
  • Licensed Practical Nurses: $48,000 CAD
  • Nurse Practitioners: $75,500 CAD

Speciality nurses such as emergency department nurses can earn over $80,000 CAD annually. Nurses also benefit from year-end bonuses, RRSP matching, extended health coverage and other perks.


Study nursing in canada 2024-2025 offers international students world-class nursing education, practical training opportunities, and excellent post-graduate career prospects. Graduating from a Canadian nursing school provides a strong foundation for professional success as well as immigration and eventual citizenship. With its high standard of living, welcoming society and booming healthcare sector, Canada is likely to remain a top study abroad destination for nursing students globally.

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