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The Yaba College of Technology (YABATECH) is one of the leading tertiary institutions in Nigeria, renowned for its quality technical and vocational education. As a highly sought-after college, YABATECH cut off mark receives thousands of applications annually from candidates seeking admission to its various National Diploma (ND) and Bachelor’s degree programs across different departments.

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A key requirement in the admission process is meeting the prescribed cut-off marks in the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) conducted by the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB). This article provides a detailed overview of YABATECH’s cut-off marks for admission, its determination criteria, and implications for candidates.

YABATECH’s General Cut-Off Mark

The general cut-off mark is the minimum UTME score required by all candidates seeking admission into YABATECH, regardless of the program or preferred department. According to the admission guidelines for the 2023/2024 academic year, YABATECH’s approved cut-off mark stands at 150 for National Diploma (ND) programs and 160 for Bachelor’s degree programs affiliated with the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) [1]. This implies that for candidates to qualify for the post-UTME screening and stand a chance for admission, they must score at least 150 for ND programs and 160 for degree programs in their UTME. The general cut-off marks serve as a quality benchmark for prospective YABATECH students across board.

Difference Between General and Departmental Cut-Off Marks

While the general cut-off mark sets a baseline academic standard for admission into YABATECH, most departments also prescribe minimum UTME scores referred to as “departmental cut-off marks” which candidates must meet. In most cases, departmental cut-off marks are higher than the general cut-off marks, as departments raise the bar to attract the best candidates to match their program capacity and requirements [2]. The major differences are highlighted below:


  • General cut-off mark – Sets a common benchmark for all prospective candidates
  • Departmental cut-off mark – Used to screen candidates based on capacity and entry requirements for specific programs


  • General cut-off mark – Applies to every candidate irrespective of department
  • Departmental cut-off mark – Specific to each academic department and program


  • Candidates who meet the general but not departmental cut-off marks can still be admitted into another department which has a lower cut-off mark
  • Candidates who meet the departmental cut-off mark have a higher chance of securing admission into their desired department/program

Essentially, while the general cut-off mark determines candidates’ eligibility for admission into YABATECH as an institution, the departmental cut-off marks ultimately influence admission chances for preferred programs.

Determining Factors for YABATECH’s Cut-Off Marks

YABATECH’s approved cut-off marks highlighted above are determined based on certain guiding factors:

  • Government Policy: Cut-off marks prescribed by education agencies like JAMB also inform YABATECH’s general benchmarks.
  • Academic Standards: Cut-off marks aim to attract candidates capable of excelling academically.
  • Program Capacity: Departmental cut-off marks are tied to carrying capacities of respective programs.
  • Competitiveness: Some departments raise cut-off marks to increase competitiveness and excellence.
  • Benchmarking: Cut-off marks are set by benchmarking leading similar tertiary institutions [3].

By factoring these elements, YABATECH strikes an optimal balance between upholding academic standards and providing increased access to technical education across.

Minimum Cut-Off Mark for YABATECH Degree Programs

As highlighted earlier, YABATECH’s approved general cut-off mark for its degree programs offered in affiliation with UNN is 160 [1]. Hence, 160 becomes the official minimum UTME score required for candidates seeking admission into any of YABATECH’s degree programs in:

  • B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering
  • B.Sc. Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • B.Sc. Public Administration
  • B.Sc. Hospitality Management
  • B.Sc. Accounting
  • and other degree programs on offer

This officially prescribed minimum cut-off mark for degree programs creates a quality benchmark for prospective degree students while also linking YABATECH’s academic trajectory with UNN’s standards. Candidates are thus advised to target minimum 160 score in UTME to enhance their admission chances.

Implications of Cut-Off Marks for Candidates

YABATECH’s approved cut-off marks have important implications that all prospective candidates should note:

  • Candidates must score at least 150 (for ND) and 160 for degree programs in their UTME to qualify for further screening towards admission at YABATECH.
  • High-scoring candidates who meet departmental cut-off marks have higher chances of securing their desired programs.
  • Candidates are advised to research their preferred department’s cut-off mark even if they already meet general cutoff mark.
  • Candidates yet to obtain prescribed cut-off marks may stand better chances applying in departments with lower entry scores.

Therefore, awareness of the approved general and departmental cut-off marks is key to guide candidates’ admission decisions and maximize their chances. Scoring above average cut-off marks also boosts candidates’ rating.


YABATECH’s status as a prime tertiary institution means admission spaces are highly competitive to secure. The approved minimum UTME scores, known as cut-off marks, provide an objective, merit-based framework to gauge candidates’ suitability and chances of securing admission. Awareness and understanding of the general and department-specific cut-off marks enable prospective students to adequately prepare for the admission process and increase their chances of admission success into YABATECH’s diverse ND and degree programs. Candidates are thus well-advised to score above 150 and 160 in UTME for ND and degree courses respectively, while also aiming to competitively meet departmental requirements.


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DepartmentCut-off MarkPrograms OfferedCompetitiveness
Civil Engineering180National Diploma & Higher National DiplomaHigh
Computer Science200B.Sc. Computer ScienceVery High
Accountancy170ND Accountancy, HND AccountancyHigh
Mass Communication160ND Mass CommunicationMedium

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